Cartridge Return Packaging Instructions

  Procedure for the Shipment of 1 to 4 Separate Cartridges

Note: The following procedure assumes you do not have the original packaging the cartridges were shipped in. If the original packaging is going to be used, ensure any empty space created by removed cartridges is filled with bubble wrap to prevent the shipped cartridges from shifting around inside the box.

Recommended Packaging Guidelines for 1-4 cartridges:

  • Single cartridge shipping package (for SDLT, DLT, and LTO cartridges only). Refer to Reflex assembly RX5220QU-KT to order.
  • 2" minimum of approved packaging material per side of each cartridge (1" bubble wrap)
    • Correct size box (10"x6"x6" for 1 cartridge)
  • Larger sized boxes must not have any air spaces
    • Orientation of cartridge in box is critical!
  • Reel axis must not face in the up-down direction of box

Recommended Packaging:

Single cartridge:

  • Single cartridge shipping package (for SDLT, DLT, and LTO cartridges only). Refer to Reflex assembly RX5220QU-KT to order. OR
  • One 2'x2' sheet of 1" bubble wrap
  • 10"x6"x6" box (minimum size)

Three cartridges:

  • Three 2'x2' sheets of 1" bubble wrap
  • 14"x10"x6" box

Other quantities (2 & 4):

  • Adjust box size accordingly (follow recommendations).
  • Ship multiple single boxes
  • Ship (1) single and (1) triple box

Recommended Packaging Procedure:

Option #1:

Use single cartridge shipping package assembly RX5220QU-KT (for SDLT, DLT, and LTO cartridges only). A full assembly contains two custom ReFlex® cushions and a corrugated outer box.

  1. Assemble the 8” x 8” x 5” corrugated outer box
  2. Place one custom ReFlex cushion in the bottom of the box
  3. Position the single cartridge on top of the cushion in the box
  4. Flip the second ReFlex cushion and securely fit it over the top of the cartridge. Position this top cushion so that the “high corners” interlock with the “low corners” of the bottom cushion i.e. high corner to low corner. If the cushions are not correctly oriented/interlocked, then the stacked assembly will sit over the top of the box edge keeping it from closing correctly.
  5. Seal up the box and ship

Option #2:

  • 1. Fold 2 ft square sheet of bubble wrap in half
  • 2. Position cartridge on sheet and roll-up cartridge
  • 3. If oversized box is used, fill air spaces
  • 4. Insert cartridge in box as shown. Reel axis is positioned correctly
  • 5. Three cartridge packaging orientation

Non-Recommended Shipping Method for a single cartridge:

  • Air pillows
  • Peanut packaging
  • Oversized boxes
  • Excessive air spaces/ rattle room
  • Incorrect cartridge orientations
  • Standard flat boxes

Non-Recommended Shipping Method for less than 5 cartridges:

  • Insufficient bubble wrap
  • Incorrect cartridge orientation
  • Air pillows
  • Large air spaces/ rattle room