Q-Cloud Protect

Secure, Off-site Cloud Storage for DR


Reduce Capital Expense

Eliminate Off-site Tape Vaulting

Less Cloud Storage Required

Security of Data-in-Flight


Capacity And Scalability

Small AMI is 1 to 20TB usable capacity
Large AMI is 1 to 90TB usable capacity

AWS Services Required

Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3


Q-Cloud Protect is designed as a replication target for an on-premise DXi appliance.
Q-Cloud Protect can also work with a DXi Accent™ plug-in installed on an on-premise media server using an application that is compatible with Accent.


Please Contact Quantum Support if you need the latest Q-Cloud Protect software version and you have an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract.

OST Plug-Ins

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    Quantum Open Storage (OST) Plug-Ins


Product Training

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