Tape Array 5

  • TA5 Library


Indicators: Write protected,Tape-In-Use, Use Cleaning Tape and Tape Density LEDs
Controls: Density Select, Tape Unload
Interface: High density, 68-pin


Drive Type:
Capacity (total)
140/280 GB
175/350 GB
200/400 GB
Capacity (per drive)
20/40 GB
35/70 GB
40/80 GB
Max Transfer Rate (total)
450/900 MB/min
1.5/3.0 TB/min
1.8/3.6 TB/min
Max Transfer Rate (per drive):
90/180 MB/min
300/600 MB/min
360/720 MB/min
SCSI Interface:
SCSI-2, Fast, SE or HVD
SCSI-2, Fast/Wide, SE or HVD
SCSI-2, Fast/Wide, LVD/SE or HVD
File Access Time:
68 sec
60 sec
60 sec
Data Compression:
On-board DCLZ with variable block size
Recording Format:
Multiple track, linear serpentine
Data Buffer:
2 MB
8 MB
DLTtape IV
Tape Length:
1800 ft.
Recording Density (bits/in):
Tracks Per Tape:
1. Assumes 230m media. For 170m, reduce capacity by approximately 28%.


Dimensions 18.9"W x 24.5"D x 8.6"H
(47.9cm x 62.2cm x 21.8cm)
Configuration: Designed for 19-inch rack mount only
Rack Height Dimensions: 5U or 8.7" (22.1cm)
Weight (enclosure): 45.8 lbs. (101kg)
Weight (drive): 7.8 lbs. (17.2 kg) per drive


Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1.0-0.5A
AutoVoltage Select
Maximum Altitude: 30,000 ft. (9,144 m)
Operating Temperature: 10 to 40 °C Operating
Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing operating
Noise Level: <35 dBA per drive
Vibration: 0.25g (5-500-5Hz) operating
0.50g (5-500-5Hz) storage/shipping
Shock: 2g operating
30g storage/shipping
BTU/Hour: 853


Hard Error Rate:  Less than 1 in 10^17 bits read
Tape Shelf Life: 30 years minimum (at 20 °C, 40% RH)
Maintenance: Periodic drive head cleaning with DLT Cleaning Cartridge
MTBF: Greater than 80,000 power-on hours
MTTR: Within 30 minutes (drive replacement)
Error Correction Code: Reed-Solomon ECC; 64-bit CRC on each 4KB of data; 16-bit CRC on each record; Internal parity checking on cache buffer

Compliance and Certification

Safety: UL-1950/CUL C22.2 No. 950, TUV EN 60950
Emissions Standards: FCC #47, Part 15, Class A, EN 55022
Immunity Standards: EN 50082-1
International Certifications: CE ( Europe )

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