Part Numbers for the Quantum SuperLoader

The following list provides a cross-reference of SuperLoader product names to the corresponding part number and description. This information may be of use when communicating with sales or support staff.

SDLT 320 Drive

CTLA # Description
AR-K16KA-YF SDLT 320 LVD, 1 Active Magazine, RM
AR-K26LA-YF SDLT 320 LVD, 2 Active Magazines, BC, RM

DLT1 Drive

CTLA # Description
AR-K14KA-YF DLT1 LVD, 1 Active Magazine, w/o BC, RM
AR-K24LA-YF DLT1 LVD, 2 Active Magazines, BC, RM

LTO-2 Drive

CTLA # Description
AR-H12KA-YF SuperLoader LTO-2, 8 slots, one LTO-2 tape drive
AR-H22LA-YF SuperLoader LTO-2, 16 slots, one LTO-2 tape drive, barcode reader

LTO-1 Drive

CTLA # Description
AR-H11KA-YF SuperLoader LTO-1, 8 slots, one LTO-1 tape drive
AR-H21LA-YF SuperLoader LTO-1, 16 slots, one LTO-1 tape drive, barcode reader

SuperLoader Upgrades

CTLA # Description
AR-KF9MZ-YF ATL SuperLoader Eight-cartridge DLTtape Removable Active Magazine
AR-LF9MZ-YF ATL SuperLoader Eight-cartridge LTO Removable Active Magazine
AR-KF9RZ-YF ATL SuperLoader DLTtape Barcode Reader, field upgrade
AR-LF9RZ-YF ATL SuperLoader LTO Barcode Reader, field upgrade
AR-KF9SZ-YF Rack Mount Slide Rail Kit