StorNext Connect

Setting up and managing shared storage for your workflows has never been easier.


StorNext Connect makes it easier for you to discover, manage, and monitor your StorNext environment by connecting all your StorNext resources—storage, CPU, memory, network interconnect—in a single graphical view. With StorNext Connect, you can shorten the time it takes to deploy or upgrade a StorNext environment, identify problems before they affect users, and reduce the risk of downtime or degraded performance by eliminating error-prone manual tasks.


StorNext Connect is your management platform for StorNext environments. This product manages, monitors, and reports on your StorNext 5 environments. With StorNext Connect an administrator can manage Appliances, Clients, RAID storage and tape libraries.

StorNext Connect is available for all Quantum StorNext Appliances. To request StorNext Connect information for your Appliance, please click here. To begin the process to obtain StorNext Connect, please see the StorNext Connect Quickstart Guide, available from the StorNext Connect Documentation Center.

Product Training

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