Scalar 220-440-480

  • Scalar 220 Library


Drive Interface:
  • SCSI-2 Fast/Wide, HVD when equipped with AIT-1 drives
  • Ultra SCSI, Wide, HVD or LVD when equipped with AIT-2 drives
Capacity: Up to 8.0 terabytes, on 80 SDX2-50c data cartridges (230 meter) written in compressed format
Maximum sustained data transfer rate: 2.0 MB per second (assumes an average compression ration of 2:1)


Input voltages: 120-240 VAC, 50-60Hz; automatic input voltage selection
Power consumption: 46 watts minimum; 60 watts maximum
Temperature: +5 to +35° C (+41 to +95° F)
Web bulb temperature 26° C (79° F) max
Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing operating

SCSI cable Specifications

Cable feature  Requirement 
Standard Construction 68 conductors (25 twisted pairs with drain wire and shield)
Primary Conductors Insulated per UL Style 1589 Gauge: #28 AWG minimum stranded (7/34) annealed, tinned copper Insulation: Polypropylene (80° C) 0.010 inch nominal
Shielding 80% minimum tinned copper braid over aluminum/mylar foil
Outer Jacket Insulated per UL Style 2919, Poly vinyl Chloride (80% C)
Voltage Rating 30 VAC
Impedance 100 Ohms 10% @ 1.5 Mhz
Grounding: Case-to-case grounding
Connector: 68-contact Amphenol 57F series male connector
Maximum length:
  • 25 meters (82 feet) for HVD SCSI-2 configurations
  • 25 meters (82 feet) for HVD Ultra SCSI configurations
  • 12 meters (41 feet) for LVD Ultra SCSI configuration

Compliance and Certification

  • UL Standard 1950, 3rd Edition, Information Technology Equipment
  • CSA Standard C22.2 No. 950-95, Safety of Information Technology
  • IEC 950/EN60950, Safety of Information Technology Equipment
Emissions Standards: CISPR 22 Class B standard for EMI radiation

There are no downloadable drivers for this product.

Note: Quantum Tape Drive drivers can be found on the individual drive download page.

The current library firmware version and drive firmware versions are listed below. Please Contact Quantum Support if you need the latest firmware version and you have an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract.

  • Scalar_200/440/480,Version 6.5.4

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