FastStor 7

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Drive Information

Type: DLT4000 DLT7000 DLT8000
Data Capacity:
Up to 40 GB per 1800 ft cartridge Up to 70 GB per 1800 ft cartridge Up to 80 GB per 1800 ft cartridge
Data Transfer:
3.0 MB/sec sustained
180 MB/min
10.0 MB/sec sustained
600 MB/min
12.0 MBb/sec sustained
720 MB/min


Electrical: 100-120/220-240 VAC autoranging, 1.2-0.6 Amps, 50-60Hz
Temperature: 10 to 40° C operating
Humidity: 5 to 80% non-condensing operating


MSBF: Greater than 250,000 cartridge changes with scheduled maintenance
MTBF: More than 80,000 power-on hours
MTTR: Within 30 minutes



9.25” (w) x 23.250” (d) x 7.5 ” (h)


26.5 lbs

Shipping Weight

37 lbs

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    FastStor DLT Rev.1.19

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