High-Performance, Secure, Easy-to-Deploy Disk Backup with Deduplication and Replication for Multiprotocol Environments



NAS backup target   
  Presentations:  CIFS and/or NFS
  Shares:  128 Max
OpenStorage (OST) API

  Presentations:  Symantec Storage Servers and Logical Storage Units
  Shares:  128 Max
VTL Fibre Channel   
  Partions (max):  64
  Drives (max):  256
  Cartridges per Partition (max):  9,000
  Emulations (libraries):  Scalar® 24, Scalar i40/i80, Scalar 100, Scalar i500, Scalar i2000, Scalar i6000
  Emulations (drives):   DLT7000, SDLT 320, SDLT 600, DLT-S4, LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5

Inline Performance

NAS Interface:  13.5TB/hour
OST Interface:  16.3TB/hour*
VTL Interface:  15.0TB/hour
DXi Accent:  2.1TB/hour**
* Performance in target mode—does not require use of DXi Accent software.
** DXi Accent improves throughput in bandwidth-constrained environments.

System Redundancy

Enhanced RAID, redundant power, redundant cooling, hot spare drive capacity, hot-swap drives, power supplies and fans.

Host To Appliance H/W Interface

Six 8Gbps FC, up to four 10GbE Optical (SFP+) or Copper, and up to seven 1GbE ports

Software Licenses Included

The base price of the DXi6802 includes licenses for NAS, VTL, OST, deduplication, replication, path-totape (PTT) and DXi Accent™ software for hybrid deduplication.

Capacity And Scalability

Usable capacity:  13TB to 156TB
Scaling increment:  13TB
Logical Capacity:  260TB to 3,120TB***
Hard Disk Drives:  3TB SAS
*** Assumes a deduplication ratio of 20:1. Actual deduplication ratios will vary depending upon data types, retention, and compressibility of your data.

Physical Specifications

  System Node:  2U, [17.5in (W) x 3.4in (H) x 29.7in (D)] - [44.5cm (W) x 8.6cm (H) x 75.4cm (D)]
  Expansion Module:  2U, [17.8in (W) x 3.4in (H) x 21.8in (D)] - [45.2cm (W) x 8.6cm (H) x 55.4cm (D)]
  System Node:  64.9lbs (29.4kg)
  Expansion Module:  57lbs (25.9kg)

Power Specifications

Power Input:  NEMA 5-15P to C13 power cord
Input Voltage:  100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz
Rated Current:   
  System Node:  4.90A @ 100V, 2.25A @240V
  Array Module:  2.45A @ 100V, 1.02A @240V
  Expansion Module:  2.25A @ 100V, 0.94A @240V
Typical Power Consumption:   
  System Node:  490W, 4.9A @ 100VAC – 1672 BTU/hr
480W, 2.00A @ 240VAC – 1638 BTU/hr
  Array Module:  250W, 2.5A @ 100VAC – 853 BTU/hr
250W, 1.25A @ 240VAC – 853 BTU/hr
  Expansion Module:  225W, 2.25A @ 100VAC – 768 BTU/hr
225W, 1.12A @ 240VAC – 768 BTU/hr
  Inrush:  50A @ 100VAC
16A @ 240VAC

Environmental Specifications

  Operating:  50° to 86°F (10° to 30°C)
  Shipping & Storage:  -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
  Operating:  20 to 80% non-condensing
  Shipping & Storage:  5 to 95% non-condensing
  Operating:  -50 to 10,000ft (-15.2 to 3,048m)
  Shipping & Storage:  -50 to 39,370ft (-15.2 to 12,000m)

Direct Tape Creation Included

Direct tape creation—physical tape can be written in background over dedicated Fibre Channel connections without using media server or backup SAN. DXi6802 units support direct to tape operation under Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec, OST (Netbackup), EMC Networker, Oracle Secure Backup, and Atempo Time Navigator with full control of the tape creation process and tracking of media barcodes by the application.

Symantec OpenStorage (OST) API Support

Support for OST is a standard feature for all DXi6802 units, allowing users to write data to OST logical storage units (LSUs) and enabling application-aware replication in NetBackup and Backup Exec environments. Support includes Optimized Duplication, Auto Image Replication (AIR), Granular Restore Technology (GRT), and OST direct path-to-tape introduced in NetBackup 6.5.4. OST Optimized Synthetic Full Backups is supported to reduce network I/O and shorten time to perform full restore from incremental backups.

DXi Accent

DXi Accent software, a standard feature on all DXi6800 Series models, allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, off-loading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance. This hybrid approach provides faster backups over bandwidth constrained LANs or WANs. DXi Accent can be enabled or disabled on a per-media server basis. Initial support for DXi Accent is provided through the NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API.

Data-At-Rest Encryption

Data-at-Rest Encryption uses Self Encrypting Drive (SED) technology to secure all data stored on the DXi6802. This includes file data and metadata, configuration files, and the DXi software and operating system. When Data-at-Rest Encryption is enabled, all hard drives in the DXi are paired with the disk controllers using encryption keys. After this, accessing data on the drives requires the same encryption keys and controllers that were used to write the data. This ensures that a drive that is physically removed from the DXi cannot be read using another system or device.

DXi Advanced Reporting

DXi Advanced Reporting, which is included on all DXi appliances, sets new standards for onboard intelligence by giving users a detailed view of internal appliance operations and provides them with years of backup and replication data for extended trend analysis. DXi Advanced Reporting reduces administration time, improves operations, streamlines performance tuning, and helps users maximize the value of their DXi appliances.

Quantum Vision

Quantum Vision® provides powerful monitoring, reporting, and analysis tools for all of the Quantum storage devices in your backup environment. You can view the status and track the performance of multiple DXi disk backup systems, vmPRO software, DXi V-Series virtual devices, Scalar LTFS devices, and Scalar libraries using a single flexible interface.


Quantum vmPRO™ software is a complete data protection solution for virtual environments. Combining simplified management, optimized protection and future flexibility, vmPRO brings unique value to virtual data protection. Protecting virtual data in native VMDK allows customers to easily restore virtual data in seconds, instantly boot VMs from the DR site or the cloud, and integrate simply with their existing backup infrastructure. Combined with DXi appliances, vmPRO can reduce resource utilization by as much as 95% and deliver best-of-breed cloud-based data protection.

Q-Cloud Ready

Quantum Q-Cloud™ provides a new, innovative Cloud backup and DR strategy designed specifically for virtual and physical environments. Q-Cloud is a subscription-based solution that allows customers of all sizes to keep more data offsite for a longer period of time by efficiently replicating data to the Cloud with a simple, cost-effective approach. Q-Cloud is a secure cloud data protection solution that integrates with your existing backup software and reduces risk for IT Departments with a convenient option to efficiently replicate your data to the cloud.
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    Quantum Open Storage (OST) Plug-Ins


The current DXi6800 Series library software versions are listed below. DXi system software is customer installable if the DXi is currently running software version 2.3.x or later and the system has an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract. DXi libraries running software versions prior to DXi version 2.3 must Contact Quantum Support to assist with the upgrade.

Model  Latest Software Version 
DXi6800 DXi

To download the latest DXi software please select the version of software currently installed on your library.



note Please Contact Quantum Support to schedule an onsite upgrade. You must have an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract.

There are no downloadable diagnostics for this product.


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