High-Performance, Easy-to-Deploy Disk Backup with Deduplication and Replication for NAS and Fibre Channel Environments

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    Quantum Open Storage (OST) Plug-Ins


The current DXi6500 library software version is listed below. DXi system software is customer installable if the DXi is currently running software version 2.3.x or later and the system has an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract. DXi libraries running software versions prior to DXi version 2.3 must Contact Quantum Support to assist with the upgrade.

Model  Latest Software Version 
DXi6700* DXi
DXi6701 DXi 2.3.4
DXi6702 DXi 2.3.4
* DXi6700 has reached End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL). Version is the final software version for DXi6700.

To download the latest DXi software please select the version of software currently installed on your library.



note Please Contact Quantum Support to schedule an onsite upgrade. You must have an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract.

There are no downloadable diagnostics for this product.
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