• DX30Single Array
  • DX30Four Arrays

Physical Characteristics

Controller Storage Array
Bezel width 19.00 in. (482.6 mm) 19.00 in. (482.6 mm)
Chassis width 16.88 in. (428.8 mm) 17.50 in. (444.5 mm)
Chassis height 5.25 in. – 3U (133.4mm) 5.25 in. - 3U (133.4mm)
Chassis depth 28.00 in. (711.2 mm) 19.75 in. (501.6 mm)
Overall depth
20.50 in. (520.7 mm)
Weight (with 1 Array)
127 lbs / 57.6 kg (installed)

Environmental Limits

Operating Temperature 50F to 95F (10C to 35C)
Non-condensing humidity 20% to 80%
Altitude Sea Level to 10,000 ft. (3,048 m)
Non-operating Temperature -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)
Non-condensing humidity 15% to 95%


Voltage (with 1 Array) 120 VAC to 240 VAC
Power Consumption 550 W


Raw Total Capacity 4-25.6TB
Usable Total Capacity - RAID 5 with One Hot Spare Per Array (factory default) 3.25-20.8TB
Capacity Increments Per Array (raw) 6.4TB
Capacity Increments Per Array (Usable with RAID 5 and One Hot Spare Per Array - factory default) 5.2TB
Arrays in Base Configuration / Maximum 1 array / 4 arrays maximum
Number of Virtual Tape Drives 1-30
Number of Virtual Tape Cartridges 4-320 per array (1,280 max)
Aggregate Throughput Up to 1TB/hr
  • There are no user updateable drivers for this product.

The current library firmware version is listed below. Please Contact Quantum Support if you need the latest firmware version and you have an active Warranty or Service Maintenance Contract.

  • DX30 ROHS - Ver 2.35.18
  • DX30 non ROHS - Ver 2.31.23
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