The high-performance, high-capacity, streaming cartridge tape product for use on midrange and high-end computing systems.


Using data compression and compaction, the DLT2000 drive features a formatted capacity of 30GB and a sustained user data transfer rate of 2.5MB/s. Maximizes data throughput and minimizes data access time.

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Native sustained transfer rate 1.7 MB/s
Compressed transfer rate > 2.5 MB/s
Native formatted capacity 10 GB
2:1 compressed capacity 20 GB
Average file access time 70 sec
Interfaces available 8 bit SCSI-2, single ended or differential


Tabletop Internal
Width 5.84" / 148.3 mm 5.7" / 144.8 mm
Height 3.4" / 86.3 mm 3.25" / 82.5 mm
Depth 13.08" / 332 mm 9.0" / 228.6 mm
Weight - varies by configuration 15 lb 9 oz / 7.1 kg 6 lb 7 oz / 2.9 kg

Environmental Limits

Operating Temperature 50 to 104 F / 10 to 40 C
Non-condensing humidity 20% to 80%
Altitude -500' to +30,000' max
Non-operating Temperature -40 to 151 F/-40 to 66 C
Non-condensing humidity 10% to 95%


Voltage +5V, +12V
Power consumption 22 Watts (average read / write operation)


MTBF 80,000 hours
Media durability 1,000,000 passes / 17,850 uses

Media Compatibility

CompacTape III 10.0 GB native capacity
Note: Veritas BackupExec and Veritas NetBackup Drivers
If you are using Veritas BackupExec or Veritas NetBackup you should use the device driver that came with your software backup package.
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    Device driver to allow use of DLTtape Tape Drives with Windows NT 4.0 running on Intel x86 platforms. This is a self-extracting, compressed file that unzips into a set of files. Please view the README.TXT file for installation instructions.
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    Win2K/2K3/XP (x86, x64)

    The device driver allows you to use DLT tape drives with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 running on x86 and x64 platforms. This is a self-extracting, compressed file that unzips into a set of files. Please view the ReadMe.htm file for installation instructions.

    The driver download is a self-extracting compressed file that unzips into a set of files. See the ReadMe.htm file for installation instructions, then access the StorageCare Sage Dashboard application from either the Windows Start menu or Device Manager.
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    V60 update is recommended for improved compatibility with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Operating Systms (OS), as well as overall product reliability improvement.
    Note: This firmware is for standalone drives only. If your drive is in a library contact your service representative regarding firmware updates.
    Instructions for upgrading firmware via a FUP tape can be found here.

StorageCare Sage xTalk Management Console - In less than thirty minutes xTalk will evaluate your tape drive's health and determine if it needs to be sent in for service. The application also provides detailed engineering drive analysis information and the abilty to quickly download updates to the firmware, application, online help, test script and release notes.

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