Density, Performance,
and Security.

The Intelligent Tape Library for Today’s Most Demanding Tiered Storage Workflows.

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The Challenge of Protecting and Retaining Data

Keeping pace with fast, unpredictable data growth, while managing cost, space, and time constraints is an on-going challenge for IT staff. The Scalar® i6000 tape library was designed to solve these problems without compromise.

Innovations tackle growing enterprise demands.

The Scalar i6000 tape library is now completely optimized for tiered storage archives where tape plays a vital role. With double the drive density, a simplified user interface, support for RESTful web services, and the only tape library with 80 PLUS® certified power supplies, the new Scalar i6000 is easier to manage, with a smaller data center footprint, and the most efficient power usage available today reducing power and cooling requirements.

New module design
NEW Module Designs

Optimize library configurations for high drive and/or high slot densities, without compromising performance

RESTful Web Services
RESTful Web Services

Comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating many administrative tasks

80 Plus rated
80 Plus Rated

Industry's first 80 Plus rated power supplies reduce power and cooling costs, improve power efficiency

Capacity-on-Demand Growth
Capacity-on-Demand Growth

Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily and without disruption

New web GUI

Simpler management with faster, more intuitive, richer featured web-based GUI

Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)
Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)

Verifies the integrity of archived data, ensuring that content is available when needed

As market requirements for enterprise libraries have evolved, so has the Scalar i6000.

Features that improve drive and storage density, system availability, data integrity, as well as simplify library and media management, have all been added since the original product was introduced. The Scalar i6000 has the most comprehensive feature set available enabling library configurations to be optimized for a wide range of use cases and environments.

Media and Entertainment

Active archives of rich media content demand high capacity and high performance to maximize the monetization of content. With the highest LTO storage density available, the Scalar i6000 (and the StorNext AEL6000) meets these demands while ensuring system availability and integrity, so archived content is readily accessible as needed. Unique features like Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) for data availability and Active Vault for value are particularly important in Media and Entertainment workflows.

Media and Entertainment
Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

As the number of high definition cameras and video retention times increase, a tape archive that scales in a minimal footprint with low operational costs while guarding the integrity of stored video content is essential. The Scalar i6000 delivers best-in-class capabilities for all these requirements. The combination of high drive density modules with high storage density modules (HDEMs) provides an ideal high performance, highly available active archive in the smallest space.

Data Center Archive

As the amount and value of unstructured content in data centers continues to grow, IT organizations are leveraging tiered storage with tape archives to regain budget control while maintaining access to archived data. The Scalar i6000’s superior density, management and efficiency provide low capital and operational costs for the archive tier.

Data Center Archive
High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing

For high-duty cycle uses such as archiving parallel file system data, geospatial data and other HPC applications, the Scalar i6000 modular design and unique approach to dual robotics enable systems to be configured for optimized performance.

Automate your tasks and save time.

The new code includes a RESTful Web Services API with support for 335 requests or commands. Customers can use web services to script any library configuration, operational, or reporting task that can be completed through the remote management web GUI. This comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating any administrative task.

REST-based Service

Configure the library to meet your needs.

The Scalar i6000 is the most feature-rich and technically advanced enterprise tape library available, allowing you to optimize the library configuration to meet your specific workflow demands.

The following advanced features allow you to tune the Scalar i6000 to meet your needs.
iLayer Intelligent Software

With over 50,000 iLayer libraries shipped, iLayer has proven to save customers valuable management time and increase system up-time.

Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)

Exclusive iLayer feature verifies the integrity of data placed in long-term storage/archive/DR, ensuring your content is available when needed.

Active Vault

An in-library vault, providing another tier of storage for additional cost savings beyond traditional tape.

Media Bulk Load/Unload

The largest media import/export capability in the industry, coupled with exclusive auto-import and export-redirect features, significantly reduces cartridge load/unload time.

High Density Expansion Module (HDEM)

The only high-density design that does not compromise robotic performance – store up to 23.4 PB* in a single 19-inch rack.

Standard 19" Rack Form Factor

The only enterprise library design that fits a standard 19” data center layout, with normal front/rear service access only, for better space utilization.

Active/Active Dual Robots

For high availability and faster robotic performance. Operations continue in the event of a robot failure. Robot service is non-disruptive to the application.

Path Failover

Control path and data path failover ensures the library system stays operational and accessible even with a SAN fabric failure.

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression with LTO-8.

Total Capacity Configurations

Technology Drives Cartridges Capacity (TB) 1
LTO-7 3 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 up to 192,096
LTO-6 2 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 75,038
LTO-5 2 1 to 192 100 to 12,006 36,018

Drive Capacity and Performance

Drive Type Cartridge Capacity
Native/Compressed 1 (TB)
Drive Throughput
Native/Compressed 1 (MB/sec)
Encryption Support LTFS
LTO-7 3 up to 6.4/16.0 up to 315/788 Yes Yes
LTO-6 2 2.5/6.25 160/400 Yes Yes
LTO-5 2 1.5/3.0 140/280 Yes Yes

Inside the Quantum Scalar i6000

…by building a state-of-the-art backup system, we finally have completed a flexible and reliable IT infrastructure that allows us to provide financial services continuously, even in the case of a disaster or emergency. We are very satisfied with the Scalar i6000!
Sang-mu Shim, Vice Director, Systems Operations, Busan Bank See their story

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* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-8.