Virtual Server Backup Solutions

Virtual Server Backup

If you're like most organizations, you're looking for ways to consolidate your physical infrastructure while reducing hardware, power, and cooling expenses. At the same time, you want to improve productivity. The solution? Integrate virtualization into your strategy. There are many advantages to virtual environments, and they all start with our DXi disk-based products with Veeam backup and replication software solutions.

Virtualized Environments Create Unique Data Protection Challenges

As more corporate applications and data sets move to virtual machines, IT organizations increasingly confront the problem of how to integrate VM protection into their established backup, DR and retention processes. Most of the options usually offered have limitations. Backing up VMs as if they were physical servers can strain server and network resources, deploying VM-specific agents can be expensive, and adding new, VM-specific backup applications is complex, costly, and often doesn't support DR and long term retention policies already in place.

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