High-Performance Security &
Surveillance Infrastructure

Support higher resolutions, increased camera & sensor counts, real-time analytics

To gain more insight and an increased return on investment from video surveillance data, a storage solution must balance high performance, high capacity and high retention. These three parameters can be flexed to provide the best trade-off between budget and mission whilst minimizing sacrifice of redundancy, accessibility or scalability. Learn more about how a tiered video surveillance storage infrastructure can enable next generation security systems.

Quantum is the Foundation of
Security & Surveillance Infrastructures

What is StorNext and How Does it Impact My Video Surveillance Infrastructure?

StorNext 5 is a high-performance file system and policy-driven data management tool that moves data to different tiers of storage including high-performance disk, high-capacity disk, file-based tape, and cloud-based storage.

By using a tiered storage approach, end users will spend less of their overall budget on storage allowing security professionals to spend more on other surveillance tools they need.

Why is StorNext Different from the Competition?

Unlike IT-centric solutions that have isolated surveillance appliances and high expense and data management complexity, our tiered storage platform provides the total usable capacity for less of your overall budget.

Quantum solutions enable customers to maximize critical data value by storing, sharing, and preserving digital assets over their entire lifecycle.

Why Does Video Surveillance Storage Matter?

Bad storage performance leads to the inability to capture usable data. StorNext retains data cost-effectively, supports complex video management systems and analytic applications, and ingests video from 4x as many cameras per server to deliver time-to-decision results, allowing proactive protection and crime prevention.

StorNext enables customers to scale to hundreds of petabytes, and is easily integrated into collaborative workflows; end-users choose the Quantum solution because it’s the optimal balance of performance, scale, flexibility, and economy.

How Will Video Optimized Performance Enable You?

As the amount of cameras deployed and camera resolutions and capabilities continually expand, there is a greater need to deal with more video streams of data concurrently. Quick results derived from analytics and multiple video streams directly relate to proactively protecting people and property.

The emergence of 4k (5 megapixel) and greater IP video has driven the need for high-performance storage. StorNext was designed from the ground up for video workflows, forming the foundation for the new surveillance infrastructure. Instead of adding additional servers to handle the increased bandwidth requirements, StorNext powered systems handle more simultaneous streams of video, reducing the cost and complexity of the overall infrastructure.

Common Customer Problems

Low latency means you get to data quicker and can deliver high-performance streaming to enable fast capture and access


Deliver more concurrent data streams “through the pipe” increasing the amount of raw video data that can be captured or analyzed

Dropped Data/Video

Capture thousands of cameras and eliminate dropped frames, making the difference between possibly preventing an incident vs. investigating what happened after

Access Data

Maintain data visibility and access, manage permissions, and preserve evidence chain of custody

Cost of Ownership

Get the performance you need at each tier of storage, balanced by the ability to handle more and larger channels with less servers, reducing the cost of overall system architecture

Write-optimized Environment vs IT-centric

Important to have a storage solution that was designed to write vs. read data greater than eighty percent of the time

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