Reduce the Cost of Storing Video Evidence

Today, law enforcement agencies are evaluating how to manage video and large data sets so they can easily move from prosecution to prevention. Download this eBook to learn how multi-tier storage will enable your agency to centralize video evidence being collected from multiple ingest points without breaking the bank.

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How Intelligent Storage Optimizes Policing

Store More Content, Spend Less Money  

Store More Content, Spend Less Money

Using a multi-tier storage approach, you can spend less of your budget on video storage so you can spend more on other policing technologies.

Reliable and Secure Access to Content  

Reliable and Secure Access to Content

Quantum’s storage solution is CJIS compliant; even when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, your file will be secure and appear in one location for easy access, saving your IT department time and money.

High Performance You Can Depend On  

High Performance You Can Depend On

To meet law enforcement needs, a storage solution has to be designed for large data sets being captured from multiple ingest points. Easy-to-use, high-performance storage lets officers focus on the day-to-day happenings of their jobs instead of managing data.

Scale with Your Storage Needs  

Scale with Your Storage Needs

As more officers are being outfitted with body-worn cameras, police cruisers are equipped with dashboard cameras, video analytics are used to aid criminal identification, and video retention times become longer, a multi-tier storage approach can scale to handle the need for more capacity.

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How to Avoid the High Cost of Cloud Storage

Video storage has become increasingly more important for the foundation of law enforcement infrastructures and its cost, performance, and scalability must be considered from the outset of an implementation. In fact, intelligent video done right can optimize the dollars spent on storage, leaving more budget for other vital parts of policing infrastructure.

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Mobile Camera Reference Architectures for Law Enforcement

Learn more about Quantum’s simple-to-deploy and manage mobile camera storage architecture, which offers flexible options for data retention.

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Calgary Police customer Success Story  

How the Calgary Police Service Stores 4PB of Data

Faced with managing content for a new body-camera program, the Calgary Police Service braced for a massive influx of new surveillance video. Learn how the Calgary Police leveraged Quantum’s multi-tier storage approach to keep up with their storage needs—all at half the price of expanding their existing disk solution.

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