Intelligent Video Storage
Built for Surveillance and
Security Infrastructures

Multi-tier storage that can grow with your storage needs
without compromising cost, access, or performance

Addressing New Surveillance Challenges

As the use of video surveillance cameras grows, so does the demand for higher image quality and longer retention times. This webinar looks at how cameras, video management software (VMS), and storage systems can interact to meet the rising demands of modern video surveillance systems.

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Performance Matters

Today’s video surveillance and physical security infrastructures can often scale to 1000s of hi-res cameras that simultaneously capture and analyze video to be stored securely.

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Store More, Spend Less

The combination of camera counts, retention requirements, and an increase in analytic tools results in more and more data being stored.

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Ease of Access to Content

Video surveillance doesn’t adhere to a “5 Nines” schedule—it’s there to gather data 24 hours a day, every day.

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Storage Solutions For Any Video Surveillance Infrastructure

The ability to match the right storage technology to the right data at the right time provides powerful benefits in the face of today’s massive explosion of video. From 10’s to 10’s of thousands of cameras, it’s critical to have a reliable storage solution that balances access, cost, and performance—all in one. View our portfolio of products built for the challenges of today’s video surveillance environments.

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Storage Built for Video Surveillance

Quantum has created a set of reference architectures that expand on the industry’s most common use cases, including: fixed cameras, mobile cameras, and redesigning new storage solutions into pre-existing environments. Whether you’re increasing camera counts, upgrading to higher resolution cameras, or shifting retention policies to align with new mandates, Quantum’s intelligent solutions can adapt to this increase in video while still providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Eastland Shopping Center  

How Eastland Shopping Center is Harnessing Surveillance Data Beyond Security

Eastland Shopping Center—a leading shopping center in Australia—wanted to undergo a major renovation to their surveillance solution with a full-blown enterprise scale storage system with the goal of keeping their shoppers safe and to make better business decisions with the data they were storing. Read our customer story to learn how a collaborative end-to-end surveillance solution with Axis, Milestone, and Quantum enabled PMT Security Systems to provide a complete spectrum of security solutions to Eastland.

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