Deploying Intelligent Storage
for Video Surveillance and
Physical Security

Performance Matters

Today’s video surveillance and physical security infrastructures can often scale to 1000s of hi-res cameras that simultaneously capture and analyze video to be stored securely. In addition, VMS products are now being used to index this content, enabling powerful video search and analysis capabilities. Quantum’s storage infrastructure not only handles this sheer volume of data with ease, but also delivers streaming performance and real-time access to data, regardless of whether it’s on disk, tape, or in the cloud.

Store More Content,
Spend Less Money

The combination of camera counts, retention requirements, and an increase in analytic tools results in more and more data being stored. In order to contain costs, the storage infrastructure must take advantage of multiple technologies like disk, tape, and the cloud. Quantum video surveillance storage includes intelligent software that automatically and transparently moves data to the most appropriate tier of storage at the right time, providing a powerful combination of high performance and lowest total cost of ownership.

Reliable and Secure
Access to Content

Video surveillance doesn’t adhere to a “5 Nines” schedule— it’s there to gather data 24 hours a day, every day; the need to securely access data for investigative and forensic documentation means that a storage platform has to search up to hundreds of petabytes of data without any disruption or downtime. It’s important to maintain data visibility and reliable access regardless of what tier of storage in which the data resides.

Storage Built for Video Surveillance

Quantum has created a set of reference architectures that expand on the industry’s most common use cases, including: fixed cameras, mobile cameras, and redesigning new storage solutions into pre-existing environments. Whether you’re increasing camera count, upgrading to higher resolution cameras, or shifting retention policies to align with new mandates, Quantum’s intelligent solutions can adapt to this increase in video data while still providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

How Calgary Police Uses a Cost-Effective Multi-Tier Storage Solution to Scale to Over 4 Petabytes of Video

Download our "Surveillance Beyond Security: Intelligent Storage for Next-Generation Surveillance & Security Infrastructure" white paper and learn:

  • The current storage demands on the video surveillance market
  • How to balance high performance, high capacity and high retention video surveillance data requirements within budget.
  • How tiered storage can provide a more effective use of budget to provide maximum video surveillance operational value and retention time