Direct and Transparent Data
Access and Data Management

Simple to manage foundation under a single file system.

In a video surveillance workflow, easy data access from any client, at any time is highly important. Maintaining transparent access across different types of storage tiers is a common problem, often causing disparate pools of storage with high performance storage from one vendor and backing up data to tape from another. Without a single-file solution, there is a need for IT to get involved in order to access and look up information. Time is of the essence when a security professional or law enforcement agency is trying to find a particular slice of data from a specific date and time. Being able to configure a storage solution that is as simple as looking at a C: Drive means you don’t have to worry about the physical file location, ultimately saving you time and money all while increasing your efficiency.

Quantum is the Foundation of
Security & Surveillance Infrastructures

Ease of Access & Management

From the user’s point of view, when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, the file looks like it’s right where you left it; it’s as easy as looking at your C: Drive.

On the backend, retention and data policies can be automatically set to handle data migration so there is no need for manual management by end-users.

Speed Matters

Gain immediate access –StorNext enables quick access no matter what tier of storage the data resides.

More files, bigger files, and advanced workflows can turn data into insight and action. Today, more than ever, quickly accessing your data matters.

Open Integration

Supporting all major platforms and granting end-users the freedom of choice allows for direct access from any client.

StorNext fits seamlessly into existing workflows and networking infrastructure, lowering administrative costs and increasing investment protection.

The Value of Tiered Storage
Comes from Transparency

Transparent access means that files still appear in their original file system location, so you don’t need to worry about the physical file location, ultimately saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

Having transparent storage solutions and workflow applications is important to enable surveillance infrastructures to be integrated into one comprehensive solution for increased performance and access.

Common Customer Problems

Islands of Storage

Tiered storage unifies access to all surveillance data

Evidence Chain of Custody

Transparent and immediate access to all data no matter what tier it resides

Hiring IT Staff

Eliminate the need for extra IT help; all files are easily located and viewed on a single file system

Immediate access

Locate a file in milliseconds on high performance disk, seconds on high-capacity disk, and under two minutes for file-based tape

Using Video for Video-Based Analytics

Provide a connected, accessible, scalable file system to analyze data for business intelligence


Centralize content and enable simultaneous file sharing across a broad range of platforms and workflows

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