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Spend less on video storage, so you can spend more on other surveillance tools

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How Quickly Can Data Add Up?

CCTV Storage Breakdown: A camera with 1080 resolution generates about 10 GB per camera per day. If applied to a CCTV storage infrastructure with only 50 cameras and a one year retention policy, 183 terabytes of data will be generated. Make it 4K and the storage requirement jumps up to 730 terabytes in the same time frame.

On-Body Camera Breakdown: On average, one officer generates four hours of video data per day. It only takes 12 officers 14 days to reach 1 terabyte of data, meaning a police force with 1000 officers will generate more than 1 petabyte of video data in a year.

The High Cost of Using Only
One Type of Storage Technology

A major US city expects to spend $1.3 million for a year of cloud-based storage for its law enforcement officers. At the end of the five year contract, this aggregates to a total of $15 million dollars.

Using a typical cloud video surveillance storage solution with on-body cameras will cost your agency approximately $1000/officer/year. With 1500 officers, storage will cost $3 million over two years. Quantum’s cloud-based storage costs $718/officer/year, which saves you 28% compared to competition over two years. With Quantum’s tiered solution, storing the same amount of data costs $213/officer/year, saving 79% of the price of competition's solution over two years.

How Do I Keep My Data at the Most
Cost-Efficient Tier of Storage?

Quantum’s StorNext platform is a policy driven tiering software, allowing users to extend primary storage with scalable, more cost-effective tiers of storage. Our solution is ideal for organizations with large amounts of video and the challenges that come with scaling storage with your data growth.

StorNext offers the ability to automatically tier data over time from one type of storage to another, based on your customized policy. Tiering empowers the movement of less-frequently used data to the most cost-effective storage with best-in-class data integrity.

Being able to deploy and properly size both performance and capacity tiers creates a balanced infrastructure. For

example, the costlier, high performance tier can be sized as small as possible, while investing in capacity needed across less costly tiers such as object-based storage or file-based tape, thus delivering the total capacity needed more cost effectively.

StorNext’s ability to write up to four copies of video simultaneously to multiple targets not only ensures that data is protected, but it also minimizes the need to move files across the network when retention times expire. This reduces the amount of network bandwidth required as well as data management, reducing overall operating costs.

Common Customer Problems
Limited Budgets

Spend less of your budget on video storage so you can spend more on other surveillance tools

Longer Retention Times

Using a tiered storage approach, end-users who are required to store data for longer periods of time can move data to a more cost-effective layer of storage

Redaction and Public Inquiry

Tiering allows you to easily maintain data visibility and access, regardless of where your data information resides

Ongoing IT Assistances for
Surveillance Data

Offering a single, accessible file system greatly reduces the complexity required for IT personnel to access and manage data

Massive Amounts of Data to Capture and Manage

Set policies to automatically migrate data to the most cost-effective high-capacity tiers of storage to enable cost-savings

Maintain Evidence Chain of Custody

The value in tiered storage comes from transparency – even when evidence has been tiered to a different type of storage, it looks like it’s right where you left it; it’s as easy as looking at your C: Drive

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