Improving City Surveillance With Smart Storage

Smart cities are no longer a vision of the future; they’re already here thanks to cutting-edge surveillance technology. Read the solution brief to see if your city’s security system is keeping up.

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Improving City Surveillance With Smart Storage

How Intelligent Storage Optimizes City Surveillance

Store More Content, Spend Less Money

Store More Content, Spend Less Money

Using a multi-tier storage approach, you can spend less of your budget on video storage so you can spend more on other tools in your transportation workflow.

Reliable and secure access to Conten

Reliable and Secure Access to Content

Even when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, your data still appears in the original file system location, saving your IT department time and money.

High-performance you can depend On

High Performance You Can Depend On

High-performance video storage is designed for video applications and is capable of handling petabytes of data that can grow incrementally over time as needs change.

Scale with your storage needs

Scale with Your Storage Needs

As more cameras are added, video analytics are used to improve operations, and retention times become longer, a multi-tier storage approach can scale to handle the need for more capacity.

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The Changing City Surveillance Infrastructure

There is high potential for improving public safety through the intelligent use of technology as applications mature. But with more data to be stored and longer retention times, storage cost is a factor that must be considered. Read how multi-tier storage can help city officials overcome storage obstacles by retaining more, and spending less.

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Reference Architectures for City Surveillance

Learn more about Quantum’s reference architectures for city surveillance including fixed cameras, mobile cameras, and implementing a multi-tier storage solution into a pre-existing infrastructure.

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Storage Solutions For Any City Surveillance Infrastructure

The ability to match the right storage technology to the right data at the right time provides powerful benefits in the face of today’s massive explosion of video. From tens to tens of thousands of cameras, it’s critical to have a reliable storage solution that balances access, cost, and performance—all in one. View our portfolio of products built for the challenges of today’s city surveillance environments.

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The Future of Surveillance in Transportation & Why Data Management Matters

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