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Security and Encryption

Comply with Confidence. See why data security is a crucial part of data protection for companies of all sizes.

If you’re tasked with storing personal information from customers or employees, such as Social Security numbers, birth dates, financial records, health records, or other personal information, you know that securing that data is a priority, especially with more data needing to be retained for longer periods of time, and with stricter compliance regulations in place.

Data Encryption as a Means to Compliance

Since 2005 there have been more than 260 million individual records lost, with many of these records containing sensitive business data or individuals’ personal identification information. That’s why many nations have established legislation requiring businesses to take extra steps in protecting individuals’ data. And as more areas adopt this type of legislation, you’ll need to consider implementing a smart strategy such as data encryption technology from Quantum.

Removing the Complexity of Data Security

Integrating data encryption into your existing backup, recovery, and archive processes doesn’t have to be a challenge with Quantum. DXi-Series disk-based backup systems and Scalar® tape libraries support cost-effective data encryption, and Scalar Key Manager allows you to easily run the entire encryption process from a single screen—all of which provide simple and affordable security for your most critical asset: your data.

Why Choose Quantum?

Quantum’s solutions remove the complexity of securing your data. Our vast experience in backing up large and midsized environments has given us the expertise to also bring secure technologies to smaller companies. Our backup solutions support data encryption that is cost effective and integrated with our DXi-Series disk-based backup systems and Scalar tape libraries.



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