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Learn how StorNext high-performance data management solutions help manage and support scientific and technical workflow environments collaboratively and cost-effectively.

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StorNext scale-out storage products for geospatial data management
Power of insight from scientific data

The Power of Insight

Today’s scientists are building tomorrow’s future. Across all disciplines, the ability to collect more data and to derive insight from data is leading to breakthrough discoveries. But these technology advances have introduced storage challenges as universities and research institutions struggle to keep pace with the growth of scientific data.

Scientists today need intelligent data management throughout the entire research workflow, from ingest to HPC processing to archive. With multi-tier storage from Quantum, teams can better harness their data and transform the world. That’s the power of insight.

How Storage Enables Scientific Research

Manage petascale data growth

Managing Petascale Data Growth

Data growth is a fact of life, especially with scientific research: more sensors, more software, more files, and bigger files. Today’s research teams need multi-tier storage solutions that scale—and that do so affordably.

Collaborative research

Enabling Collaborative Research

Research doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Whether your team has tens, hundreds, or thousands of users who need shared access to data, StorNext enables high-speed file sharing via both SAN and LAN, as well as cloud.

Speed up ingest and analysis

Speeding Up Ingest and Analysis

Scientific workflows require speed—both speed for ingest and speed that supports complex analysis and HPC. The right kind of high-performance storage is needed to power today’s research workflows—and to derive insights from scientificdata.

Access data for long periods of time

Keeping Data for Decades

With research projects often extending decades or more, scientists need access to data for long periods of time. Multi-tier storage lets research institutions archive data with cost-effective tiering on flash, disk, object storage, tape, and even cloud.

Studying the Brazilian Rainforest to Derive Atmospheric Insights

By analyzing greenhouse gases, aerosol particles, and more, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry hope to learn more about our climate and provide insights that guide government policy. At the heart of the cutting-edge research is data collected from rainforest treetops.

High-speed storage from Quantum helps the researchers at Max Planck derive insights from atmospheric data and archive the results for future study. StorNext provides scientists transparent, collaborative access to archived data—at scale—allowing them to focus on the science instead ofIT.

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Innovating in HPC Calls for a Different Approach to Storage

Scientific research requires the right kind of storage, whetheryou’re using a high-performance file system designed for streaming data like StorNext, or a parallel file system likeLustre.

Engineered to solve the most complex data management challenges, StorNext multi-tier storage helps researchers optimize for speed and sharing. With Xcellis, Quantum delivers a powerful and scalable StorNext system that streamlines operations. And hardened, ruggedized QXS Hybrid storage offers real-time tiering and up to 200,000 IOPS—on par with all-flash arrays, at a fraction of the cost.

Braving the Cold:
University Scientists Measure Polar Ice Sheets to Assess Climate Change

Glaciers move slowly, but scientific research on climate change needs to move fast. Led by a team at the University of Kansas, the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) flies planes to Greenland and Antarctica to measure the effect of climate change on ice sheets.

To analyze the data, CReSIS needs high-speed storage to power their HPC processing—and a scalable archive to cost-effectively preserve the research. With Quantum multi-tier storage, CReSIS has tripled performance and lowered costs, even as the research data has grown.

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Quantum Enables HPC Workflows Across Disciplines

Scientific research today is benefiting from advances in highperformance computing and the devices that measure and observe physical phenomena. Let’s face it—bigdata benefits scientific research, big time.

Regardless of field—chemistry, genomics, bioinformatics, climate science, particle physics, geospatial analysis—scientific data can be processed, analyzed, and mined for insight more effectively than ever before. But to do this requires specialized storage infrastructure. Learn how the right kind of storage solution can make all the difference.

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Unlocking Life’s Code with Multi-Tier Storage for Genomics at SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics enables HPC and applied genomics at leading Swiss universities and researchinstitutes.

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