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Return on Investment

Decrease Costs and Increase ROI. Maximize return on investment while integrating the technologies to meet your business needs.

Need to improve backup and restore with a constrained budget? Looking to simplify your staffing and management resources across multiple sites? Hoping to leverage your existing infrastructure while integrating new technologies? Trying to find the most cost-effective methods for preserving your short- and long-term data? Quantum has solutions and expertise to help you address these challenges across sites and a variety of time frames while delivering optimal return on investment. In fact, according to a recent IDC study, for every $1 invested in Quantum solutions, customers are seeing $4.72 in return with typical time to payback in just over six months.

Total Cost of Ownership

When assessing your backup infrastructure, it's important to consider the total cost of ownership.

Reducing Your Direct Costs

  • Lowering media expenses
  • Consolidating communication lines and infrastructure
  • Calculating environmental costs (power, cooling, footprint)
  • Evaluating physical hardware costs
  • Decreasing staffing while enhancing productivity

Maximize ROI by Addressing Common Pain Points

  • Can't meet backup window
  • Media costs too high
  • Automating data management
  • Restoring latency
  • Lowering downtime from existing systems
  • Too much downtime

The Best of Disk and Tape Brings It All Together

The right balance of technologies can help you minimize TCO and achieve a rapid payback. By integrating Quantum's DXi disk-based deduplication for short-term retention and ScalarĀ® iLayer tape libraries for your long-term backup and archiving strategy, you ensure rapid access to the most likely restores, eliminate storing of costly redundant data, and cost-effectively retain older data for disaster recovery and compliance. Plus, simplified management across the tiers cuts down on costly administration time.

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Whatever the size of your organization, Quantum is committed to providing the knowledge, experience, and solutions to help you lower backup costs and deliver ROI. Contact a Quantum expert for a free ROI assessment today.

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