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Creative Control Is in Your Hands. For improved high speed data access and increased collaboration, StorNext® data management solutions have you covered.

You want to increase creative control over your digital master creation, and you need to speed up your workflow to meet tight deadlines. That’s why Quantum StorNext data management solutions are an ideal option. No matter what part of the post production process you handle, StorNext helps you finish projects faster and enhances collaboration by creating a tiered storage architecture for high-speed digital file sharing between staff and application suites.

Data Sharing, Simplified

Whether you’re working with digital intermediates, images, effects, animation, or other digital files, StorNext data management solutions are a simple and cost-effective way to share your assets. And no matter where your data originates, it’s stored in a central hub, accessible to Mac, Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. Plus, it’s instantly available to your entire creative staff—even as data is being captured.

Distribution and Archiving

From DVD mastering to the creation of broadcast tapes and film negatives, StorNext data management solutions facilitate digital master transfers to the systems that create physical media for delivery. And when it comes to digital archiving, StorNext automatically protects your data, generating copies of any or all content you want to use in the future, including deleted scenes, director’s cuts, and additional source material as well as storing your assets in the most cost-effective storage tier.

Why Choose Quantum?

Quantum StorNext is a proven solution for the post production industry. With simple, high-speed, high-quality file sharing; centralized content management; faster project completion; and distribution across format, it’s easy to see why companies around the world count on Quantum.


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