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Oil and Gas

Next-Generation Workflow, Today. Quantum StorNext data management software keeps the oil and gas industries moving forward.

From seismic analysis to distributed computing and CAD/CAM retention, oil and gas companies need to process data quickly and retain it securely. But they also need to reduce storage costs and protect revenue-generating digital assets. That's why organizations around the world rely on Quantum StorNext data sharing and archiving solutions.

Share Data Faster

Regardless of where your data is located, StorNext creates a shared storage pool with simultaneous, high-speed access to multiple servers—even those that run different operating systems. Leveraging SAN and NAS technologies, StorNext delivers scalable performance to over 10 GB per second for SAN applications and fans out across hundreds of LAN-based computing nodes using redundant SAN gateways with load balancing and transparent I/O failover capabilities.

Retain Data Cost-Effectively

With the Distributed Data Mover technology in StorNext, CAD/CAM designs and other scientific information are transparently archived to different storage tiers, including award-winning Quantum tape libraries, which helps reduce costs. Plus, StorNext data management solutions generate additional copies for off-site data recovery and checks the integrity of files so valuable content is never at risk. After all, Quantum understands that you need a simple and affordable way to protect your data across sites and over time.

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