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Get Real-Time Access, Instantly. StorNext® data management solutions help the media and entertainment industries keep up with tight deadlines.

Managing and sharing content can be a challenge, especially for media and entertainment industries. With the need to access video footage, audio files, high-resolution images, and other content, you require a reliable and effective data sharing and archiving solution to meet your increasingly tight deadlines.

Increase Productivity with StorNext Software

Clients like Turner Entertainment and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) rely on Quantum StorNext for everything from content acquisition to distribution. In fact, StorNext provides the power to centralize content, enable faster sharing across applications, and build cost-effective digital archives for long-term storage and data protection.

  • StorNext File System - Shared file systems are used throughout media and entertainment as a high-performance alternative to NAS and network shares.
  • StorNext Storage Manager - Leverage Distributed Data Mover technology from Quantum to create a digital archive that reduces costs and protects your valuable content.
  • Distributed LAN Client - StorNext enables you to let both LAN-based applications and SAN-based applications share a single content pool.
  • StorNext Appliances - Purpose-built for the Big Data challenges of media and entertainment organizations. The solutions include StorNext Metadata Appliances for high-performance file sharing, StorNext AEL Archives for cost-effective near-line storage and offline data retention, as well as StorNext Q-Series Storage for high-speed primary storage.
  • StorNext Connect - Helps you discover, manage and monitor your StorNext environment through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Quantum Is Ideal for Boutiques and Enterprises

Whether you're operating multiple broadcast networks, a cutting-edge post production shop, or a digital imaging studio, Quantum has the products you need to keep your business moving forward. StorNext helps you simply and affordably share and protect your Big Data across multiple platforms.

The Story Behind StorNext Content Workflow

Go behind the scenes with UFC and Digic Pictures to see how they use Quantum Stornext to fully integrate their end-to-end content management needs. Learn how they use StorNext to collaboratively and simultaneously ingest, edit and deliver content with no dropped frames. And see how Quantum's Object Storage solution, Lattus, offers forever disk archive.

  • See how UFC used Quantum solutions to cut their turnaround
    time from 7 days to 36 hours.
  • See how Digic Pictures dramatically reduced their production time and development cycles by implementing Quantum StorNext.
  • See how UFC uses Quantum solutions to re-monetize
    their content.

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