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See how Quantum's data management solutions are leading the way in healthcare and life sciences.

Your world is all about collecting and managing data that can improve the lives of millions. From geneticists searching for a cure for life-threatening illnesses to healthcare professionals concerned with stricter compliance regulations, Quantum's goal is to work with you to provide innovative data management solutions that fit your unique and evolving requirements.

Share and Retain Vital Data with StorNext

Healthcare organizations, genomics labs, and pharmaceutical companies around the world have come to depend on Quantum StorNext for secure data protection, shared data storage, and cost-effective data retention. StorNext provides the flexibility to access data from a centralized storage system, no matter where that data originated. And with its archiving capabilities, StorNext becomes a cost-effective solution for long-term compliance.

Save Time and Money with Quantum Deduplication

With growing amounts of information—and often duplicated data to back up—healthcare and life sciences organizations can benefit from the innovative deduplication technology found in the Quantum DXi-Series. Designed to reduce disk needs by 90 percent or more, Quantum deduplication can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and, ultimately, enhance quality of care.

Securely Retain Data with Scalar Tape Libraries

These days, long-term retention is a priority for healthcare organizations—especially when it comes to HIPAA regulations. That's why Scalar tape libraries are ideal for storage environments of all sizes. With their integrated iLayer, an intuitive and intelligent management software, library administration is simplified to help increase productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate failed backups.



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