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Integrate Cloud into Your Storage Strategy

Cloud means many things to different companies, but ultimately the cloud is dramatically shifting IT infrastructure, resources, and planning. From software-as-a-service to backup and disaster recovery(DR), IT professionals are taking advantage of the agility, scalability and financial benefits of the cloud.

For companies looking to leverage the power of the cloud, Quantum offers services for backup and DR as well as next-gen storage for private cloud deployments. Our cloud backup services utilize deduplication to efficiently store and transport data, and our object storage solutions integrate next-gen dispersal technologies to help companies build private clouds for storing and archiving massive amounts of unstructured data.

Ways to Leverage the Cloud for Data Storage Management & Protection:

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup and disaster recovery are great applications for the cloud, or more specifically for cloud-based services, because (1) outsourcing these tasks can free up IT resources to work on more strategic business initiatives, and (2) the SLAs associated with backup and DR are typically less stringent than primary applications.

Storage and Archiving of Unstructured Data

The massive growth of unstructured data, as well as the focus on maximizing the business value of that data, has driven the need for new storage approaches. These next-gen storage solutions must be massively scalable, self-protecting, and provide access from a variety of applications, users, and sites. Quantum solutions combine file and object storage technologies, along with a tiered storage approach, to allow companies to build private cloud solutions today and expand to hybrid and public deployments based on their business needs.

Let us help you define the path to the cloud that is right for your business.

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