StorNext Solutions for Apple Xsan

A leader in delivering software for digital content creation and management, Apple is known throughout media & entertainment, education, and other verticals for its simple, yet powerful Xsan file system.

Xsan is software that enables multiple Mac computers to concurrently access hundreds of TBs of content on Xserve RAID or Promise RAID storage over high-speed Fibre Channel so creative artists can share data faster and consolidate projects. Quantum supplements this solution with StorNext data management software, enabling Apple Xsan customers to use applications running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX with their Xsan and share content across more systems.

Perfect for:

  • Broadcast & Film Post
  • Film Restoration
  • Video Game Creation
  • Animation
  • Sports production
  • Digital Imaging
  • Content Distribution
  • Pre-Press
  • Education

Quantum works within Apple Xsan-based storage environments to enable users to create award-winning programs faster and eliminate bottlenecks in the creative process. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined workflows - Eliminates the slow, often manual, data transfers between Xsan users and other creative staff. Now Final Cut Pro, Autodesk, Adobe, Telestream, and other applications can easily shares the same content.
  • Faster content access - Leverages SAN and LAN connectivity to a centralized storage pool to deliver high speed, low latency access to media files.
  • Increased storage consolidation – Extensive support for 3rd party SAN storage, such as Quantum's Q-Series disk, EMC, HP and even Apple RAID arrays, increasing utilization levels and preventing the need for un-needed storage purchases.
  • Scalability - Designed to scale for extreme data growth. Proven to scale to 1 billion files and hundreds of clients
  • Protects your Apple Xsan investment – Upgrades seamlessly and does not require new client licenses
  • Broad OS support – Enables collaboration across practically any application with Xsan whether they run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, or UNIX.
  • Simpler deployment – StorNext now comes optionally as a set of pre-configured appliances, making integration into most existing Xsan environments much easier.
  • World-class supportfrom Quantum – A single vendor experience from pointof purchase to service and support fromthe experts at Quantum


  • Automated storage tiering and archiving – StorNext Storage Manager reduces storage costs by automatically migrating data to lower-cost storage tiers based on policies
  • High-speed LAN access – StorNext Gateways offer unlimited DLC client support for Windows, Linux and Unix clients, with automatic failover between units and load balancing for optimal performance
  • Timecode-based Partial File Retrieval – StorNext Timecode-based Partial File Retrieval (PFR) optimizes retrieval of small clips of content from within larger video files
  • Archive acceleration – StorNext Distributed Data Mover (DDM) improves archive access performance
  • GroupLogic LAN Client for StorNext – Software that enables Mac client access to StorNext File System over an optimized AFP Ethernet LAN connection
  • GroupLogic ArchiveConnect – Prevents inadvertent file retrievals from the archive by Mac clients using common tools like Finder

Content Protection and Digital Archiving
Re-creating digital intermediaries, animation, digital images and other media files is painful if not impossible. Customers can eliminate the need to go back to source tapes or re-create content by using StorNext Storage Manager with Xsan. StorNext Storage Manager automatically creates copies of your digital assets on secondary storage for data protection and disaster recovery. StorNext Storage Manager supports disk and tape as targets, and disk with de-duplication so you can get the performance and offsite storage capabilities that are right for your needs. In addition to data protection, Storage Manager can also be used to move files from primary disk to more cost-effective tape-based archive tiers. StorNext virtualizes storage tiers so that data movement is non-disruptive and staff never has to worry about where data is located. In the end, you get the cost savings of mass storage without the hassle and delays of going back to source tapes when you need to access content.

Xsan + StorNext
Xsan customers looking to take advantage of StorNext's data protection and digital archiving can upgrade to StorNext without having to change out your existing storage hardware or Xsan clients. The upgrade only requires:

  • Change Xserve Metadata Controller to a StorNext Metadata Controller (Linux or Windows system)
  • Existing StorNext FX clients are upgraded to StorNext

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