StorNext Product Alerts

  • StorNext Product Alert #47
    Problem: After upgrading from StorNext 4.x to StorNext 5.x the metadump should be rebuilt.
    Aug 2016
  • StorNext Product Alert #46
    Incomplete restore and/or corrupt metadump
    Sep 2015
  • StorNext Product Alert #45
    In rare cases, StorNext Storage Manager customers may encounter a Linux problem that can cause a duplicate data block. The problem is isolated to instances where a pse_snapshot is collected during a store to tape. No data is lost, but intervention is required to correctly retrieve the entire file and remove the duplicate block.
    Mar 2014
  • StorNext Product Alert #44
    Before upgrading from a StorNext release prior to 4.2.2 to 4.2.2 or later, the file system may need a special cvfsck binary executed to repair some of the inodes.
    Aug 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #43
    CVCP does not verify the number of command line arguments, which can cause it to overwrite files if not used correctly.
    Aug 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #42
    After upgrading from Linter to MySQL, primary keys in database tables are missing.
    Mar 2013
  • StorNext Product Alert #41
    Do not change or remove source replication policies in Storage Manager environments while files are being stored.
    May 2011
  • StorNext Product Alert #39
    Potential data integrity issues when defragmenting or migrating stub files
    Apr 2012

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