Quantum Product Support

StorageCare Guardian

What is StorageCare Guardian?

StorageCare Guardian is agent software linking Quantum products back to Quantum support enabling remote service and administration. StorageCare Guardian employs web-architected interfaces for remote device administration, desktop sharing, diagnostics and data visualization, giving Quantum support personnel web-based information access from anywhere in the world.
The StorageCare Guardian agent software monitors devices locally and manages Internet communications with the Quantum Enterprise server allowing communications and control.


E-mail: GuardianInfo@quantum.com

Supported Products

DX-Series – DXi85xx, DXi7500, DXi68xx, DXi67xx, DXi65xx, DXi5500, DXi4601, DXi4500, DXi3500, DXi2500-D, DX100, DX30, DPM5500, DX3000, DX5000
PX-Series – PX502, PX506, PX510, PX720
L-Series – SuperLoader 3
M-Series – M1500/M1800/M2500 with MC300
P-Series – P-series with MC350
Scalar – Scalar i6000, Scalar i2000, Scalar i500, Scalar 10k, Scalar 1000, Scalar 50, Scalar i40 and Scalar i80

How to obtain StorageCare Guardian or request further information: