StorageCare Guardian is agent software linking Quantum products back to Quantum support enabling remote service and administration.

StorageCare Guardian employs web-architected interfaces for remote device administration, desktop sharing, diagnostics and data visualization, giving Quantum support personnel web-based information access from anywhere in the world. The StorageCare Guardian agent software monitors devices locally and manages Internet communications with the Quantum Enterprise server allowing communications and control.

Key Benefits to remote diagnostics capability provided by StorageCare Guardian

  • Highly reliable backups: Guardian’s proactive monitoring feature ensures highly reliable backups by notifying Quantum support when it identifies problems that could impact operation
  • Faster problem resolution: When backups are interrupted and the system is not working properly, Guardian is able to quickly provide Quantum support with the necessary diagnostic data to quickly identify root cause for faster problem resolution
  • Higher level of service at no extra cost: StorageCare Guardian is designed to enhance customer experience with Quantum products and services and is included at no extra cost with enterprise, midrange and autoloader products that are under warranty or support contract

Supported Products

DX-Series: DXi8500, DXi6800, DXi6700, DSXi6500, DXI4601, DXi4500
PX-Series: PX502, PX506, PX510, PX720
L-Series: SuperLoader 3
M-Series: M1500/M1800/M2500 with MC300
P-Series: P-series with MC350
Scalar: Scalar i6000, Scalar i2000, Scalar i500, Scalar 10k, Scalar 1000, Scalar 50, Scalar i40 and Scalar i80


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I've worked with most of the major storage companies for about 10 years and I knew who to go to...With Quantum, I know that if I pick up the phone, there's somebody on the other end who is going to do something about it, and they're going to do it now."

Jamie Peeples
Vice President of Engineering, RLTV