StorageCare Guardian Download

Welcome to the StorageCare Guardian Download Page

Software Installers

  • StorageCare Guardian Software for Windows - Release 2.0.7 - Build 344

  • StorageCare Guardian Software for Solaris - Release 2.0.7 - Build 344

  • StorageCare Guardian Software for Linux - Release 2.0.7 - Build 344


The default install locations for the supported platforms are:

  • Windows: C:/Program Files/Quantum/StorageCare_Guardian
  • Solaris: /export/home/Quantum/StorageCare_Guardian
  • Linux: /root/export/home/Quantum/StorageCare_Guardian

If upgrading from an existing Guardian agent please refer to the StorageCare Guardian Software Installation and Configuration Guide for instructions.

System Requirements

Requirements for the StorageCare Guardian Software are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP; Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3, 4, or 5 operating system (only 32-bit systems are supported)
    • Solaris 8 servers require patch 112438-03 or better to be installed
      (required for SSL to function properly on Solaris 8)
  • Minimum 100MB free disk space
  • System is available at all times (except for maintenance)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI – monitor/keyboard/mouse)
  • Outgoing web access to the Internet
  • Web access to managed Quantum products
  • DNS name resolution properly configured (or a local host file is required – see release notes)

Requirements for using the (optional) StorageCare Guardian Console web application:

  • StorageCare Guardian Console account (send e-mail to DL-Guardian-TechSupport@quantum.com for account after installing and configuring the StorageCare Guardian software)
  • Microsoft IE6 (or higher) web browser
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed (see www.java.com)

Supported Quantum Products

At the time of this release, the following Quantum products are supported by the StorageCare Guardian Software:

Product Minimum Firmware Version Required
DXi85xx v1.4.1 or later
DXi7500 v1.1 or later
DXi68xx v2.2.0_68 or later
DXi67xx v1.4.1 or later
DXi65xx v1.3 or later
DXi5500 v1.5 or later
DXi4601 v2.0.2_46 or later
DXi4500 v1.3.1 or later
DXi3500 v1.5 or later
DXi2500-D v1.1.1 or later
DX5000 v2.60.40 or later (v2.65 and later preferred)
DX3000 v2.60.40 or later (v2.65 and later preferred)
DX100 v2.25 or later
DX30 v2.25 or later
Scalar i6000 i8
Scalar i2000 M2.1
Scalar i500 v300G
Scalar i40/i80 V1 or later
Scalar 10k v2.10
Scalar 50 V41 or later
SuperLoader 3 v20 or later
PX500 Series • Earlier than v20 (use the PX500 model)
• v20 and later (use the PX500_XML model)
PX720 • v3.00 through v4.41 (use the PX720 model)
• v4.50p and later (use the PX720_XML model)
M-Series with MC300 library firmware v12.0, MC300 software: v4.3.3.002
P-Series with MC350 library firmware • Application: v3.60
• Boot block: v2.20
• MC350 software: v5.1.8.001

For More Information

E-mail: DL-Guardian-TechSupport@quantum.com