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Quantum Hard Disk Drives


Where have they gone?

In April 2001, Maxtor Corporation acquired our hard disk drive division, thus assuming all responsibility for customer support for Quantum's hard disk drives. If you are looking for product information, warranty, support, and other services regarding hard disk drives, please go to www.maxtor.com/en/support/contact or contact their U.S. customer support group at 1-800-262-9867.

Welcome to Quantum Corporation.

  • We are now a company focused on data protection, providing simple, scalable storage solutions from the desktop to the data center.
  • We are the world's largest supplier of tape drives, and our DLTtape™ technology is the standard for backup, archiving, and recovery of mission-critical data.
  • We are also a leader in the design, manufacture and service of automated tape libraries used to manage, store and transfer data.
  • We have expanded into the area of disk-based backup, with a solution that emulates a tape library and is optimized for data protection.

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