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vmPRO VM Data Protection Software

Speed-up and simplify backup and restores, with the industry's only native backup application for virtual environments.

Unlike traditional backup applications and other backup applications designed for virtual environments, Quantum vmPRO Software backs up VMs in native VMware format. This enables users to restore or boot VMs in seconds without the use of a backup application, reduces virtual server and network usage by reducing VM image sizes before backing up those images to backup storage, and substantially reduces the cost of using traditional backup applications to back up virtual environments.

Quantum vmPRO Provides:

  • SPEED. Restore files or boot entire VMs in seconds
  • SIMPLICITY. Drag and drop restores reduces complexity and admin time.
  • PERFORMANCE. Reduce host, network and storage resources by up to 75% with patented Progressive Optimization.
  • COST SAVINGS. Save over 50% compared to traditional backup applications.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Backup and archive to disk, tape and the cloud.

Quantum’s vmPRO Software takes a completely different and unique approach to data protection of virtual data. Deployed as a virtual appliance, vmPRO Software is a light-weight, agentless backup application that protects data in native format, an industry first. Quantum’s vmPRO Software-patented Progressive Optimization combined with DXi® appliances provides the industry’s most effective deduplication rates and the fastest VM recovery. In addition, this combination provides a platform for users to consolidate all of their backup, replication, and long-term retention across physical, virtual and cloud-based data sets.

See how vmPRO fits in your environment:

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vmPRO Benefits

Saves Data in Native File Format

  • Amazingly fast restores with drag and drop functionality
  • Instantly boot VMs or restore files remotely without the backup application
  • Future proof flexibility – don’t get locked into a proprietary format without any flexibility

Provides Fast, Flexible VM and Single File Recovery

  • VM snap-shot function creates optimized copies of VMs on DXi appliances in native file system format
  • Provides fast, single stage restore of VMs for industry-leading recovery times
  • Provides direct access to data inside the VM for single-file restore and to support nonbackup use cases such as search and security scannings
  • Instantly boot VMs from any DR site, even the cloud

Backup and Archive to Disk, Tape and Cloud

  • Recover, retrieve, and access their backup and archive data without proprietary backup applications from any medium (disk, tape and cloud)
  • User-accessible, searchable data protection and long term archive, all in native VMWare format
  • Archiving capabilities provide user-accessible, searchable archive option using LTFS tape technology Works with Existing Backup Applications to Simplify VM Integration
  • Provides direct, file system level view of VMs to third-party software for simple integration into existing backup processes
  • Light-weight application runs as a virtual appliance, eliminating cost and complexity of additional servers
  • Auto-discovers all VMs—active and inactive—to make management of dynamic environments faster and easier


  • Progressive Optimization removes extraneous data from the VMs getting the VMs back to work faster
  • Support for VMware HotAdd, allowing customers to take advantage of high speed networks for VM backup to vmPRO
  • Multiple Policy Execution allows customers to run up to 4 jobs simultaneously through a single vmPRO Virtual Appliance

Works with DXi Appliances

  • Pre-conditions data for more effective deduplication and industry-leading overall reduction
  • Full support for replication, direct path to tape, distributed deduplication, and centralized management
  • Provides single, consolidated resource for backup, recovery, DR protection, and long-term retention of physical and virtual servers

Technical Specifications

  • Native format access to backup data (CIFS or NFS)
  • Application runs on self-contained VM appliance, no extra agents or dedicated servers
  • Provides image level backup and direct, file level restore
  • Auto-discovers VMs for better protection in dynamic environments
  • Uses vStorage API to access all VMs—running or idle—from one location (Compatible with Change-Block Tracking)
  • Fully manageable within the vCenter console
  • Support for vSphere 4.X through vSphere 5.5
  • VSS support for Windows Shadow Services
  • Reduce host, network and storage resources by up to 75% with patented Progressive Optimization

vmPRO Editions

  • vmPRO Standard Edition is a free, 1TB, full featured edition with limited support through our Community Support Forum V. Simply add service and capacity as you need. Ideal for small offices or testing purposes.
  • vmPRO Enterprise Edition provides unlimited capacity for $799/TB, including one year of Silver Support, and the option of an additional tier of support to meet any SLA.