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50,000 Scalar Libraries Shipped!

Scalar i6000 Tape Library

The best-in-class high density enterprise solution for archive, disaster recovery and long-term data storage.

Tape continues to be the most reliable and lowest cost technology for archive and long-term data storage. Scalar® i6000 is the most cost effective solution on the market and can dramatically improve the security and manageability of your archive, disaster recovery and enterprise backup processes.

  • Twice the slot density of the competition | Scales to 75PB; holds almost 5PB per 19” rack.
  • Comprehensive high availability features | Dual Robots, Redundant Power, Dual Path, Dual Ethernet, SAN fabric Dual Path.
  • Broadest suite of Data Integrity and Management features | EDLM (extended data life management), Active Vault, Advanced Reporting, iLayer™, Bulk Load I/E.
  • iLayer proactive diagnostics | Reduce administrative time and user learning.
  • Best Investment Protection Platform | Our architecture enables Scalar libraries that were delivered years ago to be updateable with today’s state of the art technology.
Feature   Benefit
Highest LTO Slot Density;
19” Rack Form Factor;
Scales to 75PB
  Save precious floor-space while scaling up to meet demanding capacity growth
Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)   Assure data integrity on your media. Automate integrity checking. Identify issues early and proactively so you can avoid long term data loss.
Active Vault   Avoid physical handling of your archive media. Keep your archive data in the library without paying software license fees for the archived slots.
High availability features: Dual Robots, Redundant Power, Dual Path, Dual Ethernet, SAN fabric Dual Path   Assure your data is accessible when you need it. Overcome communication problems, power faults, or robot issues.
Advanced Reporting   Real-time usage reporting enables you to balance drive and media resources and anticipate issues before they occur
Largest Bulk Load I/E Station   72-slot I/E enables bulk loading and unloading of cartridges without disruption of library operation
Compatible with KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) industry standard   Your library can participate in enterprise wide key management processes
iLayer proactive diagnostics   Reduce library downtime and administrative time, and improve reliability
Feature Scalar
Best LTO Density without sacrificing performance
Smallest Footprint in the Industry
Most Comprehensive High Availability Options
Largest Mailbox in Industry
Exclusive Active Vault technology
Policy Based Data Integrity Checking For All Media Brands