Scalar i6000 Tape Library

Scalar® i6000

Intelligent and scalable tape library for archive and long-term data retention

Expands to 75PB 

Scalar i500 Tape Library

Scalar® i500

A scalable, easy-to-use rack-mount library for growing midrange environments

Expands to 2.6PB 

Scalar i40/i80 Tape Library

Scalar® i40/i80

Simple and affordable long-term data storage for entry-level environments

Expands up to 250TB/500TB 

SuperLoader 3 Tape Library

SuperLoader® 3

Easy automation at an affordable price

Expands up to 100TB 


Scalar Intelligent Tape Libraries

The best solution for long-term data storage and archiving

Companies are faced with massive data growth and the need to store that data for longer periods of time whether for compliance reasons to because the data continues to have value. These companies need a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-manage solution with options to scale from TB's up to many PB's.

That's where Scalar® tape libraries come in – Scalar intelligent tape libraries provide:

  • The least expensive storage solution to retain and archive your digital data for months and years.
  • Assurance based on market leading technology: Quantum is the # 1 market share leader in scalable LTO tape libraries, with ten’s of thousands of companies using our tape library technology
  • Scalability from TB’s up to over 75 PB’s: with license-key activated capacity-on-demand so you pay only for the storage you need as your data grows.
  • Reliability through Proactive Monitoring and Diagnostics:  iLayer proactive monitoring and intelligent diagnostic capabilities provide up to 75% administrative time savings compared to other libraries.  The utilization of the iLayer software also reduces service calls by 50% and shortens resolution time by 30%.
  • Data Availability: Policy-based data integrity check proactively scans archived or vaulted tapes and ensures your data is recoverable. Redundant power supplies and redundant SAN connectivity options are available for the entire portfolio, and the Scalar i6000 Enterprise product also offers redundant robotics.
  • Advanced Reporting on your drive- and media-environments to proactively identify issues and reduce downtime
  • FIPS-Compliant, KMIP-Compliant Data Security: Support for AES-256 bit tape encryption, and a scalable, FIPS-compliant key management solution that can be deployed as an appliance or as a virtual machine. Scalar libraries are KMIP compliant.
  • Support for multiple LTO generations, up to and including LTO-6 technology to provide investment protection and data migration options
  • The ability to manage your backup environment directly from your iPhone or Droid smartphone with our Quantum Vision app

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