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Scalar Intelligent
Tape Libraries

Scalar libraries are the intelligent choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention. Proactive and automated monitoring and management reduces administration time and service interruptions keeping IT staff focused on key business objectives. With ease of management, industry leading performance, reliability and scalability, it’s easy to see why Quantum is the market share leader in tape backup and automation. Browse all Scalar ProductsLTO 7 Free Media Offer
We are so pleased with Quantum’s performance, its value from a pricing perspective, and its capabilities and expandability that there is no reason for us to switch to anything else.
The flexibility of the architecture and tools in the
Scalar tape library that allow us to meet regulatory, encryption, and compliance requirements.
Quantum Scalar i6000 provides high performance, reliability, scalability, and ease of management …we are very satisfied with the Scalar i6000!
- Alex Rodriguez, VP of System Engineering and Product Development, Expedient Communications
- Matt Stamper, Vice President of Managed & Professional Services, redIT
- Sang-mu Shim, Vice Director, Systems Operations, Busan Bank
keep more data longer with Quantum intelligent tape archive

Keep More Data Longer

Scalar libraries are the most reliable and cost-effective tape backup solutions for storing, managing, and protecting data long term, enabling greater data retention and high performance storage workflows within tight IT budgets.LEARN MORE

Simplify Management and Monitoring

Offering the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive management tools enables precise business decision-making, configuration wizards, and speeds resolution time for your tape backup, even from your mobile device.Discover iLayer Proactive Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnostics
Manage your Entire Quantum Environment with Vision
Reduce administrative time
Ensure data availability

Ensure Data Availability

Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) provides policy-based data integrity checks that proactively scans archived or vaulted tapes and ensures your data is readable when needed.Download the Technical Brief

Non-Disruptive Scalability

Simply add storage capacity from TB’s to over 75PB’s with just a software license-key; capacity-on-demand so you only pay for the tape storage you need as your data grows.
Scale tape backup capacity when needed
Create a NAS tape archive

Create a NAS Tape Archive

Scalar LTFS presents tapes in a library partition as a NAS share, enabling users to drag and drop files directly to tape storage for archive in an open standard format.LEARN MORE
Provide extra layers of security for your tape library

Provide Extra Layers of Security

AES 256-bit tape encryption, and a scalable, FIPS-compliant key management solution that can be deployed as an appliance or as a virtual machine, ensures your data is secure even when off-site.Simplify Security with Scalar Key Manager
Learn more about our Encryption

Scalar Customers are Certain

Learn how Optimus saved thousands with Quantum tape archive
Post-production house optimized their workflow and saves thousands every monthusing LTO tape storage and archives and StorNext Data Management. See Their Story
SaaS-provider, TreeHouse Interactive, cuts backup
in half, admin time by 75%
relying on a disk-tape tiered storage solution
to help manage growth.
See Their Story
Learn how Treehouse cut their backup time in half with a Quantum tape library

over 100,000 companies are quantum certain

Product Use Cases

Deploy a NAS Tape Archive
for Departmental Archives

Regain control of your storage budget and storage management by moving unstructured content off expensive primary storage and onto a more reliable, cost-effective storage tier.
Read more

Create a Corporate Video Archive

As video becomes a more important part of corporate assets, companies need to develop a storage infrastructure to manage these critical resources more easily and economically.
Read more

Simplify Multi-site Backup

Reduce the cost and complexity of multi-site and remote office data protection by leveraging multiple technologies at the right place in the right workflow.
Read more
Tape Backup and Tape Archive product use cases

Browse our Scalar Tape Library Portfolio

  • Scalar i6000

    Scalar i6000

    Designed for enterprise customers needing the highest level of scale, performance and security to meet the most demanding archive and long-term compliance requirements.

    Scales up to 180PBLearn More
    Scalar i6000 tape library
  • Scalar i500

    Scalar i500

    A scalable, easy-to-use rack-mount tape library ideal for growing midrange environments.

    Scales up to 6.1PBLearn More
    Scalar i500 tape library
  • Scalar i40 & i80

    Scalar i40 & i80

    A simple and affordable tape library, designed for larger SMB environments.

    Scales up to 1.2PBLearn More
    Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries
  • SuperLoader 3

    SuperLoader 3

    Simple automated tape backup solution at a most affordable price.

    Scales up to 240TBLearn More
    SuperLoader 3 tape backup
  • Scalar LTFS

    Scalar LTFS

    Presents tape library as a NAS share, ideal for departmental archive in an open standard format.

    Learn More
    Learn more about Scalar LTFS tape archive

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-7.