StorNext 5

Built from the Ground Up for the Most Demanding Workflows.

Proven in some of the world's most data-intensive industries such as media and entertainment, oil and gas exploration, satellite imaging, government research, and genome research, Quantum StorNext® 5 provides high-performance file sharing, tiered storage and archive for demanding content workflows, ever-growing digital libraries and massive data repositories.

Key Features and Benefits

StorNext 5 provides end-to-end data management for the world’s most demanding content workflows and data environments. Flexibly scaling performance and capacity, StorNext 5 offers enterprise-grade data management capabilities, including StorNext Storage Manager for tiered storage with policy-based migration and transparent file system access, Distributed Data Movers for large-scale archival and retrieval, and more.

  • StorNext File System delivers high-performance file access, supporting heterogeneous environments across Linux, Mac, Unix, and Windows operating systems.
  • StorNext Storage Manager simplifies long-term management and lowers storage costs through policy-based tiered storage and archiving.
  • StorNext Distributed Data Movers offload archival and retrieval tasks from the StorNext Metadata Controllers for improved performance for heavy workloads.
  • StorNext Connect helps you discover, manage and monitor your StorNext environment through an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • For video workflows, StorNext Time Code-Based Partial File Retrieval indexes video content and optimizes retrieval of smaller clips of content from much larger video files, saving staff time and reducing hardware costs.

StorNext 5 Appliances deliver the power of StorNext 5 while simplifying deployment, operation, and support.

StorNext Metadata Appliances

StorNext Metadata Appliances are optimized for maximum efficiency and performance in controlling the high-speed, shared-access StorNext file system.

  • Factory-installed and licensed software for simplified deployments and out-of-the-box reliability
  • High-performance data sharing
  • Collaboration across Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OSX operating systems
  • Advanced reporting visually displays the health of the system for optimal performance and supportability

StorNext Q-Series Storage

StorNext Q-Series Storage offers primary disk storage with a family of models designed to deliver varying blends of performance, scalability, and density.

  • Designed for use in demanding StorNext Big Data environments
  • Purpose-built for StorNext environments
  • Extensive high availability features available, including dual-active controllers with automated I/O path failover

StorNext AEL Archives

StorNext AEL Archives provides near-line storage and offline vaulting based on cost-effective LTO tape with optional LTFS support.

  • Automated tiering for reduced storage costs
  • Capacity-on-demand growth
  • Ultimate TCO with slot-based pricing model
  • Self-healing – Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) detects failing tape cartridges and automatically copies data to new tape media

StorNext Gateway Appliances

StorNext Gateway Appliances enable high-speed access to StorNext data volumes over IP networks.

  • Purpose-built for StorNext environments
  • Ease of deployment and predictability
  • High performance shared access

StorNext 5 offers a complete end-to-end solution that combines best-of-breed file system and archiving technology with easy-to-deploy StorNext 5 appliances. StorNext 5 supports every step in the data or content workflow, from managing files at initial capture or ingest through the editing or analysis process, into delivery or broadcast and finally into the long-term archive.

StorNext 5 helps you consolidate resources, making collaboration seamless and operations cost less. Data sharing and long-term data storage are integrated into a single, seamless solution, so that you don't have to piece together multiple products that aren’t designed from the ground up to work together. Even in heterogeneous platform environments, all data is easily accessible to all client machines. Need high-speed access for high-resolution video? StorNext 5 offers SAN connectivity. Need to support more team members or applications more economically? StorNext 5 also offers LAN-based access using StorNext Gateways. StorNext 5 is more than a new version of the StorNext File System, it’s a new generation.