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At the core of all Quantum scale-out storage is StorNext® 5 data management—the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-based tiering software, designed from the ground up for large sets of large files. StorNext 5 data management has the proven reliability and performance required for complex information workflows.

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What is StorNext 5 Data Management?

StorNext 5 data management software manages file sharing for complex workflows in StorNext scale-out storage environments, for files stored on primary disk, extended online storage, and tape. And while StorNext 5 meets demanding performance requirements, enables customers to scale to hundreds of petabytes, and integrates easily into collaborative workflows—that’s not why customers choose it. They choose StorNext 5 because it’s all of that—combined. The optimal balance of performance, scale, flexibility, and economy.

High-performance access to data is no longer a "nice-to-have."

It’s a critical requirement in order to stay competitive and meet demanding schedules. Which is why Quantum’s scale-out storage offerings are built on StorNext 5 data management software. StorNext 5 is singularly focused on delivering extreme streaming performance to enable fast ingest and shared access—making it the ideal choice for collaboration on large sets of large files.

Data growth is a fact of life.

More files, bigger files, and advanced workflows that can turn all this data into insight and action. Today, more than ever, scale matters. StorNext 5 data management software is designed to enable collaboration on large sets of large files. And with its policy-based tiering, StorNext 5 gives you cost-effective options to preserve vast amounts of data for the future.

Enables file sharing across different technologies to fit your workflow.

Use StorNext SAN clients over Fibre Channel for the most demanding high-performance workflows. Or enable users to share files over IP, with StorNext LAN clients at speeds up to 50% faster than NFS and CIFS. Deploy StorNext with clients that run Linux, Windows, UNIX, or Mac OS—they all work. And with StorNext’s policy-based tiering, you can integrate different types of storage into a single namespace that can include SSDs, spinning disk, object storage, and LTO/LTFS tape. Now that’s flexible.

Many customers tell us the value of tiered storage is in the economics.

The ability to automatically migrate data from one type of storage to another—over time, by policy. And tiering empowers you to move less-frequently used data to the most cost-effective, “green” storage with best-in-class data integrity. But the real value in tiered storage comes from transparency. Even when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, the file looks like it’s right where you left it. So your users can find what they need. No distractions, no compromise.

Powered by StorNext 5 intelligent data management.

StorNext 5 data management enables teams of 15 or 1,500 to collaborate, with high-speed shared access to files. Regardless of operating system, regardless of network topology. And StorNext 5 data management is designed for big scale and billions of files. With policy-driven tiering, you can transparently archive files to different types of storage, enabling you to affordably scale capacity—without impacting users and workflows.

Data Management Diagram

StorNext Connect - Insight and Control for StorNext Environments

StorNext environments are dynamic workspaces where multiple users interact with valuable data through a wide variety of applications. Maintaining performance and access to data is an ongoing Administrator task. While StorNext is one of the most hands-off data management platforms available, enhanced insight into system status and single-screen manageability can provide even greater control and visibility to their workspace.

StorNext Environment

Queries the StorNext environment to create an inventory of clients, file systems, gateways, metadata controllers, storage arrays, tape libraries and name servers.


Provides both real-time and historical monitoring of performance, throughput, and latency of all file systems at a high level with a drill down to individual components.


Makes it easier to set up and manage media workflows by shortening the time it takes to deploy or upgrade a StorNext environment.

StorNext Connect Video Resources

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StorNext Connect: Why is it needed, and what
can it do for me?

Know How Video

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Solving the World’s Hardest Data Management Problems

With Quantum StorNext, the sky is the limit. It has allowed us to at least double the speed of our workflow, take on four times more projects and process images that are about ten times higher resolution than before.
David Morgan, Systems Architect, Aechelon Technology See their story

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  • StorNext 5
    Data Management

    StorNext 5
    Data Management

    At the core of all Quantum scale-out storage is StorNext 5 data management—engineered to solve the world’s toughest data management challenges, with the reliability & performance needed for complex workflows.

    Data Management
  • Primary Storage

    Primary Storage

    High-performance shared storage for collaborative workflows. Powered by StorNext 5, the industry’s fastest streaming file system.

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  • Extended
    Online Storage

    Online Storage

    Low-latency, massively scalable Lattus™ object storage with StorNext 5 policy-based tiering for unmatched data durability.

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  • Tape Archives

    Tape Archives

    Best-in-class data integrity for long-term data preservation at lowest possible cost. Integrated with StorNext 5 for transparent access to tiered data.

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    Tape Archives
  • FlexTier


    FlexTier provides easy and cost-effective on-demand access to cloud storage for increased flexibility, protection, and availability.

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