StorNext 5.4 | Quantum

Scale-out Parallel File System


Shared, high-performance, highly scalable file system

shared storage

Client-based application access to shared storage and extended storage tiers

ease of access

The best combination of features from SAN (FC, IB) and NAS (IP, CIFS, NFS) to deliver performance and ease of access

Storage Management

storage archives

Policy-driven data management of vast storage archives on tape, object storage, low-cost disk, and cloud

intelligent tiering

Intelligent tiering for extending and unlocking valuable primary storage space


Business- and workflow-driven data management policies for maximum control of data movement—from an entire facility down to a single subdirectory

Manage Public Cloud Accounts and Third-Party Object Stores

With StorNext 5.4, users can manage data as it is moved to the cloud—delivering a unified namespace and policy management for all storage tiers, both on premise and in distributed geographic locations.

Comprehensive Solution

StorNext® was originally invented in the late ‘90s to solve the daunting problem of sharing access to massive high-resolution images for strategic analysis. Over the years, we have built on that pedigree through continuous development to deliver superior performance and access for a wide variety of data types and use cases, including media production, genomics research, video surveillance, geospatial imaging, VR content, and more.

Comprehensive Solution


StorNext 5.4 frees users to choose the solutions that best fit their needs—cloud, on-premise private cloud, and other storage tiers. This flexibility means that data always exists in the right place at the right time and at the right cost. The StorNext platform eliminates the need to recreate the data management infrastructure to take advantage of an ever-changing landscape of storage offerings, which allows customers to leverage the best technologies as the landscape evolves.


StorNext 5.4 enhances efficiency and lowers the costs associated with workflow data management by simplifying the deployment of applications and access to private and public cloud tiers. These capabilities are automatically extended to workflow applications with no modifications or programming, so every user benefits from a seamless multi-tier storage environment without changing their workflow.



StorNext is well known for its leadership in supporting third-party tools and applications. With StorNext 5.4, openness and compatibility are taken to a new level. New options—not available from any other storage system—are integrated to create a more efficient, more flexible, and more cost-effective environment.

StorNext creates a storage environment that achieves the unattainable goal of every other storage system; simultaneously optimizing performance, access, and cost for capacity.

Dynamic Application Environment

StorNext 5.4 includes the Dynamic Application Environment, a virtual computing space for workflow applications based on Xcellis™ Workflow Director and managed by StorNext. This virtual environment allows facilities to deploy new tools and capabilities much more quickly and easily than by using discrete compute and networking hardware. Plus, support for both Linux and Windows operating systems provides an extra level of choice for hardware-free deployments.

FocalPoint Server

Product Use Cases

Genomics Research

Life sciences workflows put a lot of strain on storage infrastructure. Distributed bioinformatics teams need high-speed access to NGS data while imaging scientists are doing complex analysis on PACS DICOM data. And all of it needs to be kept available for long-term study—often for decades. Fortunately, there is a different approach to storage that can accelerate discovery. Learn how tiered storage and object storage from Quantum can help scientists turn genomics, bioinformatics, and medical imaging data into knowledge.

genomics research use case
4K video post production

4K Video Post-Production

Whether you’re creating content for feature films, television advertising, corporate communications, or immersive VR experiences, 4K is becoming the dominant acquisition format. StorNext is uniquely designed to scale smoothly from HD-level systems to 4K and beyond. StorNext users enjoy capacity, bandwidth, and user count scaling through an efficient storage-only scale-out model. High-resolution video also puts added pressure on content archives. StorNext end-to-end tiered storage is an ideal way to save money on larger files. StorNext automatically moves them to lower cost storage systems with full access and visibility.

Video Surveillance

The combination of camera counts, retention requirements, and an increase in analytic tools results in more and more data being stored. In order to contain costs, the storage infrastructure must take advantage of multiple technologies like disk, tape, and the cloud. Quantum video surveillance storage includes intelligent software that automatically and transparently moves data to the most appropriate tier of storage at the right time, providing a powerful combination of high performance and lowest total cost of ownership.

video surveillance use case