DXi8500-Data Protection Solution


Powerful, flexible deduplication solution to anchor an Enterprise-wide backup, DR and data protection strategy

45-330TB Usable Capacity 

DXi6800 Deduplication Appliances

DXi6800 Series

The industry’s highest performance, most scalable and most efficient deduplication solution.

13-156TB Usable Capacity 

DXi6701 and DXi6702 Deduplication Appliances

DXi6700 Series

High Performance, Easy-to-deploy deduplication and replication for NAS and Fibre Channel Environments

8-80TB Usable Capacity 

DXi4700 Deduplication Solution


Industry-leading variable deduplication and replication appliance for entry-level and midrange environments

5-135TB Usable Capacity 

Quantum DXi-V Series

DXi V-Series

Combines the power of deduplication with the simplicity and flexibility of a virtual machine

1-360TB Usable Capacity 


Disk Backup Systems

Reduce Disk needs by 90%, Shorten Backup Windows and Improve Restore SLAs while Reducing Backup Costs

Every company has important data to back up and retain, but consistently meeting backup and restore SLAs continues to be a challenge. And although disaster recovery is more important than ever, no one has time or money to waste, especially these days.

The DXi-series of deduplication appliances leverages our patented variable-length data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk requirements by 90 percent or more and cut your overall backup costs.

The ability to replicate between DXi’s or to the cloud means you can make disaster recovery viable for any site within your organization. Best of all, the DXi-Series integrates easily into your existing backup infrastructure, works with your current backup applications, including Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API and support for advanced features like NBU AIR and GRT. Some of the key features and benefits of the DXi-Series include:

  • Patented variable-length deduplication reduces disk requirements by 90% or more, and reduces network bandwidth usage when replicating
  • High performance file system technology and intelligent metadata management to minimize backup windows and cut restore SLAs with the industry’s fastest performance
  • Make Disaster Recovery viable for any site in your organization with the ability to Replicate between multiple DXis or replicate to the cloud. And with support for advanced features like Symantec NetBackup AIR, return to business continuance quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • Invest for Data Growth with solutions that scale from 1 TB up to multiple PBs, and support multiple interfaces. VTL, NAS (NFS, CIFS), and OST – with one solution
  • Comprehensive Data Encryption with no performance impact – Protect against data breaches in the data center via encryption of data at rest supported in the DXi8500, DXi6802 and DXi4701. Performed by SEDs with no performance impact. All DXi models support full AES 256-bit encryption of data in transit when replicating.
  • Cloud-based backup and cloud-based disaster recovery. Q-Cloud Backup-as-a-Service and DR-as-a-Service provide the speed and convenience of local recovery with the security of a cloud based backup and DR solution.
  • Integrated path-to-tape for long term retention of backup data
  • The industry’s best management features to reduce opex and reduce administrative time spent managing backups, including:
    • Ability to manage your backup environment directly from your iPhone or Droid smartphone with our Quantum Vision app.
    • Intuitive, graphical scheduling policies to manage your deduplication and replication tasks, including replication bandwidth scheduling for enhanced network control
    • Advanced Reporting on your deduplication rates and capacity utilization to reduce downtime and provide a more in-depth view into your deduplication environment.

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