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The DXi4000 includes the industry's first capacity-on-demand deduplication appliance. Not only is it easy to install and scale, it delivers twice the performance of competitors at half the price.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Two models – the DXi4510 with a fixed 2.2TB usable capacity and the DXi4601—the industry's first capacity-on-demand deduplication appliance.
  • Capacity-on-demand model scales from 4 to 12 TB by simply activating a license key—scalability without a service visit or reconfiguring racks.
  • DXi4000 units provide up to 1.7TB/hour performance, twice that of leading competitors.
  • Reduces typical disk capacity needs by 90% or more through deduplication
  • All software license features – including replication and support for the Symantec OpenStorage API (OST) are included in the base price
  • Integrates smoothly with all leading backup applications including NetBackup and Backup Exec under the Symantec OpenStorage API (OST)


Quantum's DXi4000 backup appliances provide an affordable, easy alternative that includes the industry's first capacity-on-demand deduplication. With up to twice the performance of competitors and as little as half the cost, DXi4000 series deduplication appliances keep backup and restore performance high while delivering industry leading value for fast return on investment. Designed for small to medium businesses or branch offices, DXi4000 appliances can be deployed seamlessly with all leading backup software, including those designed specifically for virtual servers.

The DXi4000 appliances are supported by Quantum and its global network of partners, the industry's largest and most experienced team dedicated to backup, recovery, and archive.

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