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StorNext AEL Archive

From video footage to seismic exploration to DNA research, organizations are experiencing tremendous growth in Big Data, valuable data that is often difficult or impossible to recreate. Quantum’s StorNext® appliances are purpose-built for Big Data, with solutions that scale capacity orders of magnitude faster than budgets, maintain high-performance at low operational costs, are flexible to accomplish the most challenging missions, and keep Big Data available forever. StorNext AEL Archives provide nearline archiving to LTO tape with built-in data protection and self-healing capabilities that ensure valuable data is available and accessible for the long-term.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated tiering for reduced storage costs – Based on site-specific policies, infrequently accessed files are automatically migrated to economical tape media
  • Capacity-on-demand growth – Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily, and without disruption
  • Ultimate TCO with slot-based pricing model – Customers significantly increase archive capacities when they migrate already purchased StorNext AEL Archives to a new LTO tape technology (i.e. LTO-6 to LTO-7)
  • Self-healing – Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) detects failing tape cartridges and automatically copies data to new tape media
  • Tape Vaulting and Active Vaulting –Infrequently used tapes may be stored outside library for greater cost savings or stored in an inactive partition of the library for closer tape management(optional)
  • World-class support from one vendor – All software, hardware and support come from the experts at Quantum


The StorNext AEL Archives use automated, policy-based tiering and cost-effective tape storage to deliver petabytes of data to users transparently through the file system. Customers that extending their StorNext file system with the StorNext AEL can migrate seldom-accessed data to inexpensive tape media that requires very little power, cooling, or floor space. StorNext AEL Archives ensure data integrity through policy-based Extended Data Life Management (EDLM). EDLM tests and verifies the media in the archive, provides health reports for all cartridges and automatically copies data from suspect cartridges to new ones. StorNext AEL500 Archives start as low as 30TB with the StorNext AEL500 Mini and can grow to over 1PB. The StorNext AEL6000 scales to nearly 18PB in over 7,100 slots of near-line storage.




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