StorNext Metadata Controller Appliances

StorNext Metadata Appliances

High-Performance Metadata Appliances for Big Data Environments

Quantum StorNext AEL - Highly reliable long-term archiving solution

StorNext AEL Archives

Long-term Data Management for
Big Data Environments

StorNext Q-Series

StorNext Q-Series Storage

High-performance Storage for
Big Data Environments

StorNext G300 Gateway

StorNext G300 Gateway

Flexible & Affordable Access for
StorNext Big Data Environments

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StorNext Family of Appliances for Big Data Management.

From DNA sequencing to hi-definition video surveillance to seismic exploration, customers across industries are experiencing tremendous growth in unstructured digital assets called Big Data. This digital content is very high in volume, is growing at high rates, and has great value to the business or institution. Quantum's StorNext Appliances are purpose-built for Big Data with big files, providing high-performance and highly scalable solutions that are cost-effective and easy to manage so you can concentrate on maximizing revenue, increasing workflow productivity, and shortening time-to-market. The solutions include StorNext Metadata Appliances for high-performance file sharing, StorNext AEL Archives for cost-effective near-line storage and offline data retention, StorNext Q-Series Storage for high-speed primary storage and StorNext Gateway for providing easy access to Big Data.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low Cost – automated data tiering to disk and/or tape gives you the lowest cost for on-line, near-line and offline data retention
  • Fast – your big data requires unparalleled performance and optimized sharing
  • Simple – easily configured and flexible enough to meet your unique business requirements and future Big Data growth demands
  • Flexible – scale capacity and performance independently

The StorNext appliances provide robust solutions for a wide range of uses where high-performance file sharing of Big Data is a critical part of the operational workflow and archival of data. Optimal use cases are: Full Motion Video, Surveillance Video and Imaging, Scientific Applications, High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analytics, Oil and Gas, Genomics and other Big Data applications.

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