Artico Archive Gateway

What is Artico Archive Gateway?

Artico™ Archive Gateway provides a flexible, low-cost entry point for archive, with the ability to scale to store petabytes of data as demand grows. Powered by StorNext® advanced data management policies, Artico stores and retains data in a tiered storage system that intelligently places the data on the right technology at the right time, both on-premise or in the cloud. Combined with StorNext-enabled policies and the data migration tools of Rocket Arkivio Autostor software, Quantum enables users to move files seamlessly from primary storage to less expensive storage while maintaining full access to all files, providing the lowest TCO model for storing, accessing and protecting data.

Archiving data reduces pain and cost associated with data growth.

Rather than spending more on expensive primary and backup storage to accommodate data growth, move data to protected archive or extended online storage. Your data can then be accessed and protected on less expensive storage without disrupting your day to day workflow. As data is moved to archive storage it is no longer part of the regular backup process, so there is much less data to back up and backups take much less time. The backup window that was out of control is once again manageable. Along with smaller backups comes lower investment.

Artico Archive Gateway Diagram

Combine disk cache with cost effective archive storage.

You can adjust how long data remains on Artico’s internal disk, giving you even more control over tuning your environment to meet your needs. Data that is archived is extremely well-protected. Artico’s intelligent policies can create multiple copies of files and can support cloud, object storage or cloud technology as a cost effective long term storage tier. These capabilities combine to deliver a comprehensive archive strategy that cost effectively stores, shares and protects data.

Configuration and technology choices deliver incredible flexibility.

Artico is designed for managing archive data across all forms of archive storage platforms. From a small tape library to cloud or to petabyte-scale object storage or tape. Quantum’s Artico solution can accommodate environments that are just getting started in implementing their archive architecture, and it can scale up as data storage needs evolve.

Data movement. NAS connect. Cloud, Object Storage or Tape.

Quantum’s archive portfolio includes intelligent data movement options like Arkivio that can assess your data, and from that incorporate intelligent policies to move data from existing primary storage to Artico. Artico allows you to set policies that control data movement from internal disk to FlexTier, Lattus™ Object Storage or Scalar® Tape Libraries—the choice is yours. The entire solutions are designed, tested and qualified by Quantum and are installed and supported by Quantum or Quantum authorized service providers.

Technical Specifications

  Standard Optional
High-Performance RAID Storage 33TB usable (48 raw) 73TB usable (96 raw)
NAS Software SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, NFSv3
NAS Client Connectivity 10GbE 10GbE
NAS Client Support Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX
Access Control Support User-based, Group-based, Active Directory, Open LDAP
Tape File Format Support ANTF, LTFS
Integrated Connectivity to Archive Storage Standard 8Gb Fibre Channel
(typically for tape library connections)
10Gb Ethernet
(typically for cloud storage connections)
Archive Storage Support Quantum Scalar Libraries (Scalar i40, Scalar i80, Scalar i500, Scalar i6000)
Quantum Lattus Object Storage (via S3 protocol)
FlexTier (via S3 protocol)
Maximum Number of Files 1 billion
Rack Units 6 RU 8 RU (with 70TB option)
Power Consumption 925 Watts Max Continuous 1300 Watts Max Continuous
Hardware Redundancy Dual controllers with automatic failover, Dual active/active array controllers, Redundant power supplies, Redundant cooling fans, Mirrored RAID cache, SuperCap cache backup to flash, Redundant Fibre Channel ports
An effective archive solution will blend easily into your workflow and your environment and allow users and applications to access data and content the way they are used to.
Robert Clark, Senior Vice President, Product Operations, Quantum

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