We spend much less time managing backup and have way more success; restore time is dramatically quicker; the hassle of swapping tapes has gone away; capacity has just sky-rocketed thanks to deduplication; and the Quantum support has been off the charts—all of which makes this customer very happy.
Ross Chapman
Executive Director of Technology, SGI-USA

Peace of mind with reliable backup

SGI-USA Finds Inner Peace with DXi

Virtualization and a new off-site data center brought the need for better data protection into clear focus for SGI-USA. The organization selected Quantum’s DXi® solution. The result: The IT team has been amazed by its seemingly unending storage appetite and extreme reliability, as well as outstanding Quantum service and support. 

Hit-and-Miss Backups

SGI-USA is a large Buddhist organization with a headquarters staff serving the needs of tens of thousands of members and volunteers spread across nearly 100 facilities. As a religious organization, it has a small IT team, yet vast and eclectic data storage requirements.

Over the years, SGI-USA’s storage equipment and retention practices had grown in an equally eclectic fashion. Unfortunately, that often meant backups were hit-and-miss, according to Ross Chapman, executive director of technology for SGI-USA.

“I’d come in that morning, and ask ‘Did the backups work? No? Okay, let’s try again…,’” he says. “But we’d increasingly find those failures when trying to restore, searching for a particular file only to find that we had a bad backup. That’s a problem.”

The turning point for SGI-USA was a simultaneous move to virtualization and an off-site colocation facility as a primary data center. With their virtual infrastructure connected across a local storage area network at an unattended facility, the last thing the IT team could afford was an unreliable data protection system.

So Chapman turned to a trusted IT reseller, ICC in Torrance, CA. ICC recommended Quantum’s DXi systems as the perfect answer. SGI-USA selected two 8TB DXi6700 Series appliances, placing the primary system at the new colocation facility and the second one at the organization’s Santa Monica headquarters for disaster recovery.

Benefits: Ease of Use, Dependability

Chapman says from the beginning, ease of use and dependability of the new system stood out. The reduced workload equates to about 25 percent of a work week for one IT staff member.

Other benefits include deduplication rates of 27:1, speedy backups, and restores in 20 minutes instead of days. Chapman also rated Quantum service and support as an 11.5 on a 1-to-10 scale.

“Our backup operation is not only remarkably faster, but I’d say it’s as close to maintenance- and operator-free as you can get,” reports Chapman. “We check logs as a best practice, but really you can practically configure it and forget it. That saves a ton of time and heartache.”

Products Used

Key Benefits

  • Achieves deduplication rates of 27:1
  • Saves equivalent of 0.25 full-time IT employee
  • Restores lost data in minutes rather than days
  • Eliminates backup/restore reliability concerns
  • Frees IT staff to focus on other initiatives


The Soka Gakkai International is an association for peace, culture, and education based on the teachings and philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, which places the highest emphasis on the sanctity of life. Members seek, through their practice of Buddhism, to develop the ability to live with confidence, to create value in any circumstance, and to contribute to the well-being of friends, family, and community. The SGI-USA is the American branch of the SGI network, with more than 2,600 neighborhood discussion groups and nearly 100 SGI-USA centers throughout the country.