Quantum doesn’t just provide the ability to do basic tape backup—it is the flexibility of the architecture and tools in the Scalar tape library that allow us to meet regulatory, encryption, and compliance requirements.
Matt Stamper
Vice President of Managed & Professional Services, redIT

Expanding the data center, reducing risk

redIT Uses Scalar Tape Library for Private, Customizable Clouds

Data center operator redIT crafts custom cloud services to address specific client needs. When disk backup alone proved to be inadequate, redIT installed a Quantum Scalar i500 intelligent tape library. The result: Better support for clients’ individual backup, security, privacy, archiving, and compliance requirements. 

Flexibility Beyond Disk-Only Solutions

redIT supports the global IT community with private cloud services and data centers in the southwestern U.S. and Latin America. The company provides clients, such as Oracle, McDonald’s, and Bloomberg, customized IT strategies for private cloud, security, connectivity, disaster recovery, and colocation.

By addressing the risks associated with large public clouds, redIT gives its clients a level of comfort to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness cloud storage can provide. That requires a highly individualized process of designing customer services and systems, according to Matt Stamper, redIT’s Vice President of Managed & Professional Services and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

When redIT needed more backup flexibility than disk storage provides, the company wanted to partner with a proven, recognized vendor that would not only meet its needs but also instill confidence with its clients. redIT turned to Quantum.

“Using proven brand names is important to maintain our reputation as a best-of-breed provider,” says Stamper. “Quantum is a well-recognized IT company, so there was not a lot of risk for us.”

Benefits: Greater Capacity, File Control

redIT purchased a Quantum Scalar i500 intelligent midrange tape library, and selected LTO-5 tape drives to benefit from the added capacity and faster throughput. LTO-5 also comes with hardware-based AES (256-bit) encryption technology and allows operators to partition the tapes, providing greater file control and allowing near-line applications to index the data on tape, making it easier to access and archive data.

“Its flexibility means that organizations are able to scale up quickly and dramatically to deal with business challenges,” says Stamper, “and often scale right back down when that short-term need has passed.”

The tape system, however, hasn’t replaced disk backup. Instead, it complements the existing disk storage systems, allowing greater flexibility in meeting specific client needs.

“Quantum has domain expertise around tape, archiving, and backup, and has tools to help us complement our service offering,” says Stamper. “Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, the Scalar tape library allows our backup services to be tuned to the specific needs of clients.”

Products Used

Key Benefits

  • Provides proven brand name customers trust
  • Enables greater flexibility and scalability in designing custom cloud solutions to meet client needs
  • Reduces backup times with higher LTO-5 write speeds

About redIT

redIT supports the global IT community with private, customizable cloud services and data centers in the southwestern U.S. and Latin America. redIT enables its clients to focus resources on what drives their competitive advantage—not the distractions of owning and managing IT. For clients such as Oracle, McDonald’s, and Bloomberg, redIT customizes an IT strategy that’s scalable for the long term, delivering lower total cost of ownership. For information, please visit