Bend Memorial Clinic
Across the board in terms of speed, ease of use, capacity, virtual backup and more, the Quantum solution was clearly the best option.

Chris Hale
IS Director, Bend Memorial Clinic

The right medicine for backup needs

DXi and vmPRO Deliver Best TCO for Bend Memorial Clinic

Bend Memorial Clinic didn't have enough available time, capacity, or staff hours to handle its growing data protection requirements. After extensive competitive testing, the clinic selected Quantum's DXi® system and vmPRO software. The result: 35 percent lower Total Cost of Ownership, fast backup and restore, and powerful data management and deduplication capabilities.

Lengthy Backups, Delayed Restores

With about 600 employees spread across seven facilities in Oregon, Bend Memorial Clinic constantly generates vital electronic health records and billing files. That makes data protection a critical task.

The clinic's legacy backup solution was Code Red, however, when it came to capacity and speed. Full backups took longer than a weekend, and failures were frequent. Restoring data could be even more difficult. The IT team kept files up to 14 days on-site, but anything older was moved onto tape and couriered 20 miles to a remote facility. It could take more than a week to get the tape back.

Bend Memorial Clinic also had a large–and growing–virtual environment to protect: 10 hosts for 80 virtual machines, 65 of which were critical production servers. Handling the backup and restore for that VMware environment was critical in selecting a new solution.

Chris Hale, IS director for Bend, says the team had a very clear picture of what they wanted: a hierarchical system combining disk deduplication for fast backup and retrieval, a direct path-to-tape for easy off-site archive, and the ability to replicate to an alternate site for disaster recovery.

Quantum Wins, Hands Down

In a test of a number of prominent vendors, Bend looked at how fast proposed systems backed up and restored, the level of deduplication, and direct path-to-tape capability. Integration into the virtual environment was a critical part of the evaluation.

The competition was quickly over when Quantum put together two 16TB DXi6700 Series disk appliances, a Scalar i40 tape library, and Quantum's new vmPRO virtual data protection solution. Not only was it the best option from almost every angle, but it also offered a three-year Total Cost of Ownership that was about 35 percent less than the competitors’ offerings. The impact of the Quantum solution at Bend Memorial Clinic has been dramatic.

"We used to spend an hour a day babysitting the process, assuming we could even get a good backup, and now it's just an hour a week checking logs," says Hale. "We're backing up more than four times the data in less time. Restore times are 70 percent less than they were with recent data, and 95-98 percent less for older files."

Key Benefits

  • Backs up 400 percent more data in 1/4 the time
  • Restores data in minutes rather than days
  • Reduces IT Administration time for backups by 75%
  • Eliminates backup reliability concerns
  • Enables granular restore of virtual files
  • Delivers complete backup visibility on mobile devices
  • Provides simple integration with VMware environment

About Bend Memorial Clinic

Bend Memorial Clinic includes more than 100 providers representing 30 specialties including Urgent Care, Primary Care, Specialty Care, Imaging and Clinical Services. With five locations, BMC is the largest multi-specialty group in Central Oregon, providing quality, convenient Healthcare since 1946.