We chose Quantum because we wanted a partner that unites backup and archive, improves our efficiency, and gives us new technologies that will allow us to create dynamic new offerings for the market.
Daniel Magalias
Ativas IT Manager

Dynamic IT Services Provider Finds Core Storage Partner

Brazil has been one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and its companies often struggle to keep evolving their IT capabilities quickly enough to sustain this high growth. Ativas has built a business model around solving this problem, offering a complete set of infrastructure and IT services—everything from managed services and IT management to infrastructure outsourcing, and remote management. The Company, which has operations in Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curutiba, and Porto Alegre and its own Class III data center, serves a broad range of customers that consider information and IT to be strategic to their success. They serve a wide variety of industries including banking and financial services, engineering and construction, media and entertainment, natural resource extraction, health care, logistics planning, telecom, and education.

Search for Partner Leads to Quantum

As Ativas expanded its offerings, they quickly realized they needed better solutions for providing secure data management and protection, including backup, archive, and disaster recovery services. They needed solutions that were highly scalable to help manage growth, flexible enough to handle both physical and virtual servers, and capable of integrating several different data storage technologies, including backup, archive, and the cloud. Initially, the company used multiple suppliers for each service category, but discovered that this approach created complexity, kept costs high, and limited their ability to build well-integrated, multiple-technology solution sets.

“We understood that if we only used traditional suppliers, we would be just one more player in the market. So we have always looked for different, integrated solution providers that could support our range of services and plans for growth,” explains Milton Bonservizzi, Ativas associate.

The company looked at all the available partners and decided to consolidate its storage management line with a single provider: Quantum Corporation.

Range of Technology and Future Solutions Key

Quantum was a natural partner because of the range of solutions the company offered, their innovative approach to technology, and their strong support for Ativas’s business model. Quantum’s deduplication was a key offering, supported by the company’s DXi®-Series appliances. “We expect that deploying this technology broadly will help us reduce our overall disk requirements by 50% as well as giving our customers faster backup and restores,” explained Magalias. Tape was also an important component in Ativas’s overall protection strategy, and the fact that Quantum offers both disk and tape and allowed the two to work together effectively was a critical differentiator.

Quantum’s StorNext® file system technology was an important part of the solution. With StorNext, Ativas is able to offer high-performance file streaming, file sharing and automated tiering for content rich customers including media and entertainment, geospatial and biomedical customers who often have large files which require a different content workflow.

“We chose Quantum because we wanted a partner that unites backup and archive, improves our efficiency, and gives us new technologies that will allow us to create dynamic new offerings for the market,” said Magalias.

Ativas also likes Quantum's newer technologies, including, innovative solutions like Lattus™ object storage, Cloud services, and vmPRO™ data protection software for virtual machines. These will allow Ativas to meet its customers’ changing demands more effectively and stay competitive.

Products Used

Key Benefits

  • Innovative solution set provides optimal combination of performance, flexibility, economy
  • Converging backup and archive simplifies operations, reduces costs
  • Broad range of technologies supports wide array of different customer needs
  • Cloud and Object-Store options provide foundation for future new offerings

About Ativas

An enterprise of Asamar Group, Ativas Data Center is an information technology company providing data center, IT outsourcing and information hosting services throughout Brazil. Its data center was the first large commercial facility with Tier 3 classification built in Belo Horizonte. The company provides hosting and IT services for a wide range of customers and industries in accordance with industry best practices and international quality standards.