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We deliver certainty around the globe, in familiar areas as well as those that are new and growing. We encounter different cultures, expectations, and challenges every day, but enable consistency by providing excellent products and service. We are also consistent in our behavior, by always striving to abide by the highest standards of business conduct. Our company, team members, business partners, and communities deserve nothing less.

Quantum Programs
A fundamental component of Quantum’s ability to succeed comes from our continuous drive to support the highest benchmarks for ethical conduct, including by sharing and explaining the standards we set for ourselves. Quantum’s internal expectations and performance standards are provided here for your reference.

Ethics and Compliance
The foundation for Quantum’s ethics and compliance program is provided by The High Road – Quantum's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which we encourage you to review so you understand how we conduct business in today’s world. You may also be interested in reviewing our Anticorruption Policy, which explains our efforts to prevent bribery in our business transactions. For those customers concerned about Section 508 compliance, you can review and download the Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates for many of our products.

Human Rights and Voluntary Labor
We are committed to upholding human rights for everyone, including our team members and those of our business partners, by only supporting employment arrangements that adhere to applicable child and voluntary labor laws and minimum wage standards. As a matter of practice, we follow the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct and require the same commitment from applicable suppliers via contractual requirements. We are confident in those suppliers’ ability to be compliant with these requirements due to the manner in which we select and manage our key business partners. Quantum engages with only reputable component suppliers and contract manufacturers, whose suitability as our partner is evaluated prior to selection through appropriate quality and business process audits, business model reviews, and sustainability assessments. Adherence to Quantum’s Supplier Code of Conduct Requirements is validated via internal employee education regarding supply chain risks, regular visits to key supplier facilities and our Quarterly Business Review process. Given the frequency of our visits to key supplier locations and the clear communication of our expectations, we do not currently utilize third parties to conduct independent, unannounced audits of supplier compliance with Quantum’s code of conduct requirements. Any Quantum team members or business partners found to be in violation of Quantum’s code of conduct requirements may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the employment or business relationship.

Data Privacy
Quantum places the utmost priority on maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive data. We have implemented a comprehensive Privacy Management Program that governs how we manage, store, and destroy sensitive personal information. Quantum’s Web Privacy Policy further explains how we handle information learned from you when you visit our web sites. We have also developed procedures designed to ensure that customer data on media returned to Quantum repair operations is securely destroyed.

Environmental Responsibility
Quantum provides product compliance declarations regarding the adherence of our products to global environmental requirements, including RoHS and REACH. Our 2016 Environmental Responsibility Report is also available for your review.

Supply Chain Security
Quantum knows that the integrity and security of our supply chain contribute directly to the ability to preserve your data. Our supply chain security programs are certified under the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism requirements.

General Business Terms
Quantum believes that the best business relationships are built on transparency. The standard terms and conditions available when working with us or buying our products are available below.

- Compliance Requirements Agreement
- Quantum Purchase Order Terms
- Quantum Sales and Support Terms and Conditions
- Memorandum of Insurance

Supplier and Reseller Requirements
Quantum encourages our business partners, within both our supply chain and distribution channels, to maintain rigorous ethics and compliance programs for their own businesses. As part of Quantum's compliance program, we also expect our business partners to provide us with a reasonable level of due diligence information and assurance regarding their business practices. Details about these expectations are provided in the following documents.

- Supplier Code of Conduct Requirements
- Compliance Requirements Agreement
- Third Party Compliance Questionnaire
- Supplier Information Disclosure Packet
- Accounts Payable Authorization

Consultant and Agent Requirements
Consultants, contractors, and agents of Quantum, as well as others who conduct business on our behalf, are expected to meet the same commitment to maintaining ethical standards that we set for ourselves. Specific requirements are explained in the following documents.

- The High Road – Quantum's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
- Compliance Requirements Agreement
- Anticorruption Policy
- Insider Trading Policy

ISO 9001 Compliance

- ISO 9001 Certificate

If you would like additional information about Quantum’s ethics and compliance programs, please contact compliance@quantum.com for assistance.

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